TCDD: High rise to commuter fees

TCDD: The high rise in suburban wages is not correct. Some of the media coverage of some media broadcasts in the last year does not reflect the fact that the increase in suburban wages.

TCDD suburban description:

- ”It does not reflect the news of the fact that in some media publications, the highest commuter wages were raised in the last year“
- tir TCDD is not in a position to raise, but will continue to make any sacrifices for the economic travel of citizens -

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate, located in some media outlets reported that last year more than 1 suburb fees to reflect the fact that news reports do raise.

In a written statement from TCDD, it was stated that the urban transportation costs were determined by the Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) and TCDD had to comply with the UKOME decisions legally.

Wage adjustments were made in Ankara on the latest 1 September 2011 date and in 15 in 2012 on August XNUMX, so the news in question did not reflect the truth.

  • No fee adjustment since 2011 in Ankara

In Ankara and Istanbul commuter trains, the same fare was applied to the city transportation authorities. In Ankara, suburban train prices in the Kayas-Sincan line in Ankara were applied as 2011 lira, which is the same fare as the city buses.

In Istanbul, IETT, IDO, Private Public Buses, Private Marine Engines and Istanbul commuter trains 1 July 2006 Akbil based ticket systems, the date of the ticket integration is provided in the statement reminded, the following recorded:

X In this context, in accordance with the UKOME decisions, 15 2012 pays a single-use ticket coin fee 3 from the date of August 1,95. boarding 2 lira, 1,25.Biniş 3 lira, 1, 4 and 5. boarding trips are determined as 6 lira. In Istanbul suburban lines, which have been interrupted due to the Marmaray operations, ticket prices are applied up to 0,75 liras instead of the fixed fare. TCDD is not in a position to raise, but will continue to make any sacrifices for the economic travel of citizens.

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