Slovenia's Railways Company chooses IBM SmartCloud solution

The Slovenian Railways Company chose the IBM SmartCloud solution: In order to centralize IT systems and improve customer service, the Slovenian Railways Company chose the IBM SmartCloud solution. In addition to having a centralized IT service desk, it achieves a first class and reliable solution to keep costs under control and to take advantage of mobile solutions.

In order to improve customer service and business operations of railways in Central Europe, the Slovenian railway company announced that it had chosen IBM's cloud solution. Company with new cloud-based centralized IT system; It aims to achieve a more holistic view of all transport, passenger and logistics operations, enabling more efficient management and maintenance of rail traffic across the network.

Directing more than a thousand 200 miles of railways, the Slovenian Railways transport 15,3 million passengers and 15,8 million tons of cargo every year. The railway line, which is an important connection point in the Pan-European transport corridor, decided to modernize the IT infrastructure to meet the increase in passenger and product volumes. Slovenia Railways, which has various fields of activity ranging from freight transportation to passenger and daily transport transportation and infrastructure management; it needed a flexible IT environment and separate IT service tables that could respond to the changing needs of the units. It aimed to provide advanced services by achieving shorter durations and lags for the customers through more robust collaborations between different departments and achieving faster response to customer demands.

Based on the IBM SmartCloud Control Panel and IBM Endpoint Manager, a component of IBM MobileFirst Management solutions, this new solution brings together the users of Slovenian Railways-affiliated companies under one company-wide point of contact and one IT service desk.

Through this common IT platform, railroad officers can automate and manage systems in real time and secure other demir endpoints ileri and mobile devices such as servers. Thus, while ensuring that the principles of use are observed and security risks are minimized, it also gives employees the flexibility to use their preferred devices.

The centralized and cloud-based service desk creates a more holistic view of the company's operations. Rail infrastructure with cloud infrastructure; they can better control costs, purchase and warranty of IT equipment, and compliance requirements.

. IBM is cooperating with major railroad companies around the world to improve efficiency and safety, and to create passenger-friendly companies, iş explains Kivanc Uslu, IBM Technology Leader, IBM. The last example of this is the Slovenian Railways. We believe that the company has made an important step towards delivering an experience that will enable its customers to enjoy more enjoyable and satisfaction levels with the IBM solution. In


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