Sivas Modern Travers Factory was opened with a ceremony on the 157th anniversary of TCDD.

Sivas Modern Travers Factory was opened with a ceremony on the 157th anniversary of TCDD: The Modern Travers Factory, which was completed in Sivas, was opened with a ceremony as part of the 157th anniversary of TCDD.
In the 157th anniversary of TCDD, Sivas Travers Manufacturing Industry and Trade Inc. Modern Travers Factory was opened within the framework of the groundbreaking and opening ceremony of 7 projects in 7 regions.

Ankara-İzmir High Speed ​​Train Project Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, who attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the Ankara-Afyonkarahisar section in Afyonkarahisar, opened the concrete sleeper factory in Sivas by connecting with the teleconference method. Yıldırım and Eroğlu wished the factory to be beneficial to Sivas.

Mehmet Aktaş, the Deputy Governor of Sivas, who attended the ceremony, told reporters that Sivas is a strategically important city that connects the provinces and regions.

Aktaş thanked the TCDD and its affiliates for their efforts in bringing the factory to the city.

Deputy Mayor Orhan Demirok stated that railway transportation is important for Sivas.

Stating that the investments made by the state have been modernized and started to be made by the private sector, Demirok said, “We see the best example of state and private sector cooperation here. I thank our entrepreneurs who contributed to the establishment. The factory will contribute significantly to the employment of Sivas and be beneficial to our city. ”

TCDD 4. Regional Director Ahmet Sener stated that a modern traverse factory was established in the city.

speed railway concrete sleepers produced in the factory and voicing Sen used in the restoration of existing lines, "SİTAŞ, the future is bright, a factory that will contribute to Turkey's economy. Good luck to Sivas. ”

Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Osman Yildirim, he said that Turkey needs are met from the factory as a partner, as well as some of the countries that made the export of concrete sleepers.

- 1 million 40 thousand pretensioned concrete sleeper will be produced in the factory

With the participation of TCDD, Sivas Modern Travers Factory, one of which is established with 4 partners, is aimed to produce 1 million 40 thousand pre-stressed concrete sleepers annually.

It is stated that concrete sleepers to be produced at the factory where 54 is employed in the first place will be used in high-speed train, heavy rail and metro lines.

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