Description of fire from Samaria

Samulaştan fire description: SAMULAŞ Inc., said the fire was said to have been put into service in the 24 hour.

In the statement made by SAMULAŞ Inc., '25 2013 18.00 5504 24 on the date of the trolley XNUMX' Red BCU 'we have called a fault signal. Our passengers were evacuated at the first station. Our tramway was pulled down to the maintenance area at low speed and the same fault was repeated. There was a smoke behind the tram, the tram was stopped and then the fire brigade was called. However, before the firefighters, the technical teams coming to the scene of the incident have seen that there is no condition to worry about after cooling in place and then pulled the tram safely into the maintenance area. Firefighters returned without a small intervention. During maintenance, it was found that during the course of travel, a foreign body probably leaped from the rail and hit the hydraulic pressure unit, resulting in a sudden oil discharge resulting in overheating of the brake discs. It has been determined that this warming causes local melts and smoke smoke in some of the cable and plastic parts in the surrounding area. The problems in the tram were fixed in the XNUMX hours and the tram was serviced. Tram


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