Halkapınar transfer bridge overhaul

Revision of Halkapınar transfer bridge: The transfer bridge between İZBAN and İzmir Metro, which is used by 15 thousand passengers every day, will expand by 22 floors with the work to be started by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality on Sunday, September 3, and will become more comfortable with 6 escalators.

The transfer bridge between İZBAN and İzmir Metro, where approximately 15 thousand passengers pass per day, is expanded to provide a faster and more efficient transfer. The works to be carried out by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will start on 3 September Sunday. With three months of work, the current bridge will be expanded to 22 meters, making 6 more comfortable with escalators.

During the works, İZBAN trains will download and board passengers on the other platform in Halkapınar. The transfer between İZBAN and İzmir Metro will be made from the turnstiles at the entrances of the stations by using the newly built bridge of 7 meters. Passengers will be able to take advantage of the 90 minute single ticket transfer as they used to. A second fee will not be charged for transfers made in 90 minutes using Kentkart in Halkapınar.

İZBAN officials, who asked the passengers to comply with the signs and pointers in the train and stations, stated that the transfer in Halkapınar will become faster, more productive and comfortable with the completion of the construction works. In addition to Halkapınar Station, the heart of the rail systems, the density of Halkapınar was significantly reduced with the opening of the Hilal Transfer Station. With the completion of this second step, passengers will have the opportunity to transfer faster and more efficiently.

While it is emphasized that the number of daily trips on rail systems in İzmir has left behind the 400 thousand, it has been underlined that the work done should be seen as the preparation of İzmir Metro which will go up to Torbalı, Bergama and Selçuk soon and to İzmir Metro which will go to Üçkuyular. When the rail system reaches full capacity, 1 will reach a level that can serve millions of people a day. Thanks to these revisions, which are a natural result of continuous growth, the people of Izmir will move towards a more comfortable public transportation day by day.

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