RET company single name in Rotterdam

RET company is one name in Rotterdam: RET company active in and around Rotterdam in the public transportation sector will continue to work in the region until 2026.
Financieele Dagblad newspaper and the site in the news, Rotterdam the big city, the City of Rotterdam and the agreement reached between RET and the company will continue to carry passengers in the city until 2026 said.

With the agreement reached, RET will take care of all subway, bus, tram and sea transportation and will also provide maintenance of these vehicles and the amount of subsidies will be reduced. 125 million annuities received annually will provide 26,9 million discounts on average.

RET states that it will not dismiss its staff and will not raise public transportation fees, and also promises to work more effectively in the coming period.

In the statement, the tram and metro seats and ventilation systems will be renewed and until the 2014 year, all vehicles will be created on the internet.

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