Red Brigades issued a statement against the high-speed train line in Lyon-Torino

The Red Brigades issued a statement against the Lyon-Torino high-speed train line: the Red Brigades terrorist organization for the high-speed train line between Lyon and the city of Turin, Italy, and the reaction of environmentalists, issued a statement.

In Italy, the extreme leftist Red Brigades organization, which attracted attention with its bloody actions in the 1970s, issued a message over the Internet that called on activists to stop the construction of high-speed train.

Italian Interior Minister Angiolino Alfano said that they would not bow to threats:

Or The Italian state is not afraid of the new one, just as it defeated the old Red Brigades. We will overcome any threats against us. Bize

Activists who frequently carry out protests in the Susa Valley, where the line passes, argue that the high-speed train would harm the nature and that Italy, which is struggling with the economic crisis, had an unnecessary expenditure.

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