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dalaman train station
dalaman train station

The only station without rails was 20 km from the nearest train connection at the beginning of the 200th century. The first and only station in the world that never stops by trains was built in Dalaman, Muğla. The building, which served as a police station for a while, is today used as the service building of the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises (TİGEM).

Dalaman Mayor Sedat Yılmaz said that the station built by Hıdıvi Abbas Hilmi Pasha was restored and used as the administrative building of TİGEM. Explaining that there were mass migrations between 1526 and 1530 after the Ottoman Empire conquered Rhodes, Cyprus and North African countries, Yılmaz said, “Greeks from Rhodes and Crete, Arabs from North Africa and Turks living in the region before are the first settled communities of Dalaman. ” said. President Yılmaz noted that the title given to the governor of Egypt after Kavalalı Mehmet Ali Pasha between 1905 and 1928 was Hıdıv and that people from the line of the governor were called Hıdıvi and said: kazanleft his mark with his

Until 1905, state-owned lands were cultivated by feudal landlords living in the region. The clearest example of this is Kavalalı Mehmet Ali Pasha's ownership of the fertile plains and lands, especially on the Mediterranean coast. For this reason, it was the owner of the Dalaman Farm, which was given to Mihrişah Sultan by Sultan Selim III. The farm, which was mentioned in the will of him and his wife, was gifted to their grandson, Abbas Hilmi.” used the phrases.

Stating that Abbas Hilmi Pasha saw the abundant watery tea and fertile soil that was gifted to him, Yılmaz suddenly accepted himself by the River Nile, “He immediately sets out to improve the plain and open it to agriculture. As soon as the road problem was resolved, the materials, tools and machines downloaded to Sarsala Pier were moved to Dalaman on the backs of camels, donkeys and slaves. The boundaries of farming, called Hıdıvi, were determined by getting enough slaves with an expert staff in agriculture from Egypt. He sent the necessary items to his ship named 'Nimetullah' and brought it to Salsala for the operation of the farm. Although he lived his most productive and comfortable years until 1913, with the adverse events coming after him, he had to completely withdraw his hands from the farm. ” he spoke.

President Yılmaz stated that Hıdıvi Abbas Hilmi Pasha took the action to build a hunting lodge for Dalaman as the last job: “Hıdıvi also has a train station project in Egypt. He gave both projects to French architects. Projects of both buildings were prepared and two ships, one from France to Dalaman and the other to Egypt, set out, but the materials and projects were loaded on the wrong ships. The train station that should go to Egypt went to Dalaman and the hunting lodge project went to Egypt. The construction of the building started without wasting time and was completed in a short time. When the construction was finished, a train station in Dalaman and a very modern and perfect hunting lodge appeared in Egypt in those years. The workers, who did not realize that the building built according to the plan was faulty, made a ticket office and laid a rail in front of it. Understanding the mistake when he came to Dalaman, Abbas Hilmi Pasha did not demolish the finished building, but removed the box office section and rails. In the following years, he had a mosque built next to the station. The farm remained on its property until 1928. As a result, Dalaman, which is approximately 200 kilometers away from the nearest train connection, has the first and only station in the world that has no train. ” spoke in the form.


With the declaration of the Republic, due to the fact that Hıdıvi Çiftliği had credit debt to the bank, it was taken from Hıdıvi in ​​1928 by Atatürk with a special law and was rented to the French company Gros. The farm, which was operated by this company for 10 years, was transferred to the State Agricultural Enterprises Authority in 1943 upon Atatürk's will. The farm, which remained in this institution for 22 years, was incorporated into the General Directorate of State Production Farms in 1980.

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