Artificial snow

Artificial snow from Palandök: Artificial snow was poured to Erzurum Palandöken Ski Center for ski lovers to enjoy the skiing before Christmas.

Artificial snowfall system was activated in Palandöken. Under Dragon Hill, 800 is the 150 meter long, 22 meter wide. the runway was completely covered with artificial snow. `Lenko` machine that converts approximately 10 tons of water per hour snow to the pistes in places with 45 centimeters. 5 pieces lenko machine, which has an 3 centimeter in an hour, will be operated intensively until the beginning of the year.

Dedeman Hotel General Manager Nuri Avşarer, Erzurum and snow in the province known for its snow and cold weather in the ski resort was needed in artificial black land drew attention. The Lenko machine was bought 10 years ago, but they have never used it until now, he said.

“Artificial land was never needed in the past years. This year it was not the snow we expected. For this reason, we opened the ski season with a delay of about 1 month. With the decrease in air temperatures, we started to use artificial snow making machines. With the artificial snow, our tracks have become available for skiing. "

Avsarer, a week working lenko machines, Palandoken Pond 400, 200 tons of water from the hotel network was given the snow, he said. Nuri Avşarer stated that energy and water expenses were too much, and said:

“Of course, the cost of dulling a ski season is much higher than the cost of artificial snowfall. For this reason, our tracks will be open to ski lovers thanks to artificial snow even though there is no natural snow during the ski season. There will be no snow problem in Palandöken during the ski season. We will make artificial snow on our slopes every day until the new year. "

Pointing out that artificial snow is more durable than natural ones, Avşarer said, “Artificial snow is used in the tracks where international races are held around the world. This snow melts later than the other. Therefore, there is no quality problem ”he said.

📩 24/11/2018 12:33