Orient Express leaves Bahçeşehir

Orient Express left Bahçeşehir: Completed the nostalgic tour of the world-famous Orient Express train in Bahçeşehir.
The famous train, which has tour the most important centers of Europe since 1883, has completed its tour in Bahcesehir, Ispartakule station instead of Sirkeci railway station.

Historic Journey ended at Ispartakule station. 1883 from Paris to Varna, the train, the passengers were bringing the ferry from Varna to Istanbul, and then the name of the train was L'orient Express.

Three years later, the train journey reached Istanbul and continued its voyages as the original name of Orient Express. For the first time, the nostalgic train of 13 to Istanbul has reached to Ispartakule station.

Europe's Longest Train
The 100 passenger car, the 400 passenger car, the 17 wagon, and the longest train in Europe, the Orient Express, is based on the 15 wagon.

73 passengers at the station, officials said, they were very pleased that the station is so well-kept.

Famous Designers Have Works in Wagons
Jean Marie Moreau, Technical Director of the Train; said that the train belongings are antique, and different wagons have works by famous British, French and many other national designers.

The wagons lost in the battle were bought in 1977 and restored to their original.

Turkish Customers prefer Venice
Organizing the 'Orient Express' tours, Riyadh is the Operations Manager of the Istanbul Tourism Maritime Company. said they preferred the journey from Venice to Venice.

Orient Express, which will be lifted with its new customers on Friday from the Başakşehir Ispartakule station, carried many people from the European high society up to now.

A James Bond film called James From Russia with Love olan was filmed on the train on the books.

Source: www.minute15.com

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