Moscow-Kazan high-speed train departs at 2018

Moscow-Kazan high-speed train will be lifted at 2018: A high-speed train project to be carried out as a pilot project in Moscow-Khan will start at 2018 reported.

According to the information given by the authorities working in Praym Agency Railways, according to the agreement made in September, in the first phase of the high-speed train project, there will be a project and construction phase from December 2013 to May 2018. The construction of the high-speed railway is planned to be started in 2015 in March, and the 2018 is scheduled to be completed in May.

The cost of construction per kilometer-long road at 770 was calculated as 1,39 billion rubles per kilometer. The total cost of the railway construction is evaluated as 1.031 trillion rubles. When the construction cost of 37 billion rubles will be added to the construction of railway stations, the cost of the whole project will be found in 1,068 trillion rubles. The 62.7 of this amount will be covered by the state budget, while the 37.3 will be covered by private investors.

Source : the www.gazetem.r

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