Metrobus stations are so crowded that if there is no accident miracle

Metrobus stations are so crowded that miracles do not happen if there is an accident: There are so many confluence in metrobus stations that passengers come down to the road, and then come accidents. CevizliIn the vineyard, a woman returned from death, with this trend new disasters are at the door ...

The metrobus, which carries about 800 thousand passengers a day, is the most challenging travel system. Unfortunately, there is no solution for this extreme density since it is one way, one arrival, no overtaking. Because if the number of metrobus is increased, it is obvious that the system will be blocked. So the metrobus is unsolved in this state. Those who run the city will also be aware that this is considering different alternatives for this line. For example, I do not know if the metrobus is converted to a metro… Now, whether the metrobus is converted to a metro or another system is developed, but it will not be bad if something is done as soon as possible, because this stampede also hurts besides the torment it creates. Day before CevizliYou've heard about what happened at the vineyard stop. One of the busiest stops CevizliA metrobus approaching the vineyard hit the woman waiting outside the yellow line. The unfortunate woman who was seriously injured is under treatment in the hospital… After this disastrous accident, the Emergency Complaint Line was filled with the messages of the metrobus passengers. The passengers are rebelling, “Whatever the accident should be without this intensity”… Here's what happened on the metrobus from one of our reader's pen: “In the morning and in the evening, the vehicles are like the place of destiny. Some stations have insufficient waiting places. There is such a stampede that the citizen is compelled to go on the road. Then there are such accidents. The places that the passengers are waiting for must be revised. Stops are very dangerous in this state. We can experience other disasters at any moment…

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