Metro-Metrobus pedestrian connection tunnel opened

Metro-Metrobus pedestrian connection tunnel was opened: The "Metro-Metrobus Pedestrian Connection Tunnel", which was built to provide pedestrian access between Istanbul metro Gayrettepe station and Zincirlikuyu metrobus station, was opened.

Zincirlikuyu metrobus station, one of the busiest stations in Istanbul, has also been rearranged for pedestrian access and made suitable for the disabled. Passengers using the metrobus will be able to easily reach the metro from the tunnel.

Citizens welcomed the pedestrian tunnel opened today. Saban Öner, 51, who goes to work using the metro and metrobus lines, said that he lives in Avcılar and his workplace is in Taksim.

Expressing his satisfaction with the application, Öner said, “It was a nice and clean service. It was gratifying for us. We were most uncomfortable in rainy weather during the winter months. The hot weather also affected the summer season. "Now we are walking in an air conditioned tunnel."

18-year-old Emre Öztürk, who said that he went to Sabiha Gökçen Airport from Bahçelievler, said that he had used the overpass several times to switch from the metrobus line to the Gayrettepe metro.

Emphasizing that the pedestrian tunnel provides great comfort, Öztürk said, “You can be affected by the heat and rain outside. However, in the air-conditioned tunnel, you can reach more easily with the escalator system, ”he said.

Technical specifications of tunnel

In the completed 906 meter-long tunnel, 14 escalator, 11 elevator, 6 escalator, 8 emergency call phone, 152 emergency speaker, 224 fire detector, 31 fire button, 23 fire extinguisher, 17 siren flasher in technical rooms, 2 The passenger information screen is available.

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