Kyrgyzstan demanded for the passage of wagons kept in Uzbek

Kyrgyzstan requested for the passage of the wagons kept in Uzbekistan: Kyrgyzstan reportedly requested from Tashkent for the passage of wagons in Uzbekistan.

The news in Uzbekistan indicated that Bishkek requested the permission of Tashkent to be allowed to pass through the cargo wagons kept in this country as soon as possible. The Kyrgyz government requested the Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Rüstam Azimov to allow the passage of the 200 freight wagon, which was stated to belong to them and was kept in the Uzbekistan's Savay and Hanabad railway stations.

It is claimed that the wagons loaded with fuel and food belonging to Kyrgyzstan have been kept in the borders of Uzbekistan since August. An unnamed official delay in Uzbekistan Railways argued that the 20 was due to the temporary closure of some railway lines due to the October independence.

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