KBU's Campus Name Changed to Iron & Steel Campus

KBU's Campus Name changed to Demir Çelik Campus: The name of Karabük University campus was determined as 'Iron and Steel Campus' by the Board of Directors.
Karabük University, which always stands for Karabük's values ​​indicating the Rector. Dr. Burhanettin Uysal, "Karabük city, which is the symbol of the organization, and Turkey is producing provinces iron Karabük Iron and Steel Works by Turkey's development and industrialization has played a very important role, not only did not serve Karabük, it gave great contribution in the industrialization efforts of these countries. Demir Çelik is one of the biggest values ​​of Karabük. Demir
Karabük University in light of the universal science students exceeds 30 thousand of the city, region and stating that on basic objective of contributing to the national economy Uysal, "Turkey's fastest growing its claim university Karabük University claiming the largest share of the university city of Karabük in the coming today almost clamped It is not. A university established in the city to which it is named should be a part of the culture of the city and it should advance the culture. As Karabük University, our main objectives are to make the Valley of Rail Systems. establishing Turkey's first Iron and Steel Institute in the Faculty of Engineering to achieving the goal opens the Rail Systems Engineering Department have received great way. Karabük University continues to give Karabük to Karabük. Our Board of Directors determined the name of our campus as Demir Çelik Campus. We took this decision with the idea that the name of the campus of Karabük University, which is the Capital of Iron and Steel, should be Demir Çelik and added another value to the values ​​of Karabük. Let everyone be auspicious lucky. H

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