Bookstore in Tramway in Kayseri

Tramway Station in Kayseri: The library was built by the Metropolitan Municipality. Citizens, rides at the station until the stop to read the book will be able to leave the library here again Mayor Özhaseki: Our goal is to give citizens the habit of reading a book and to develop this habit if any. Let everyone leave the books he hasn't read in his library. Let others benefit.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality has made bookcases for tram stops. Passengers will be able to read the book at the station where they are stuck at the stop and leave them back to the library, and the citizens can take the books to their homes.

Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Ozhaseki, AA correspondent, said in a statement of the habit of reading a book in the community is not desired, seeing the statistics about the book is depressed morale, he said.

Emphasizing that they started to work as a municipality to reverse this picture in Kayseri, Özhaseki said:

“We made small libraries for the rail system stops. We will fill these places with books. Our aim is to give citizens a habit of reading books, and to develop this habit, if any. Before starting the project, they said 'they take the books away, they won't bring them again'. Citizens who want to can buy the books and take them home. If they don't bring them again, they don't. We don't think about that aspect of it. But I ask all our citizens. Everyone should leave the unread books in their home in these libraries. Allow others to benefit. People can't break into some books, never give them, but they break into some very easily. Let them bring books they could never read, place them on the shelves we put, at least develop a reading habit on the tram. "

Reminding that the rail system line is now 17 kilometers long and the line of 9 is still under construction, Özhaseki said that the line will reach the total 26 mileage when completed and the passengers can go to the last stop in 35-40 minutes.

Stating that a person can read 30 pages of a book in a comfortable environment in such a long time, Özhaseki said, “We have to give importance to the book in this way. Indeed, there is nothing better than this for a cultured person. As a municipality, we try to engage in such activities even though we do not have a legally charged job ”.

This morning at the tram stops, citizens came across libraries. Most passengers do not have news from the application, while Safa Metehan Çolak, Metropolitan Municipality started the application very nice and the first time you see the very surprised, he said.

Especially wasted while waiting for the tram Colak last time you save can be evaluated, "Nowhere in Turkey I have not witnessed such an application. I think it is a very important activity in terms of making people gain the habit of reading books. On this occasion, even those who have no reading habits can meet the book ”.

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    1. a nice service my children had the opportunity to read classics that they have not read. Thank you…