Will Istanbul YHT work be completed by October 29?

Will the Istanbul YHT work be completed until October 29: AK Party Eskişehir Deputy Salih Koca, regarding the construction of the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train line, said, “The fact that the works carried out in the Eskişehir region have not been completed will not be a disruption to the voyages, while the underpass works are currently in progress, Coming up to Eskişehir Station "

Koca made a statement to the journalists before the "People's Day" held at the AK Party Eskişehir Provincial Directorate and gave information about the ongoing activities in the city.

On the question of a journalist, "Citizens reacted to the late start of the station bridge demolition work", he noted that the station bridge has been the subject of discussion for years.

Expressing that TCDD was preparing a project that would allow the train to pass without demolishing the bridge, Koca said that because the negotiations between Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD were blocked for a period, Koca said, “Certain chambers in Eskişehir and our university explained their views that this bridge has completed its life, and we insistently focused on the demolition of the bridge. . Thereupon, negotiations started again.

Since the meetings between the Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD have continued until today, the demolition has just begun. Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center took the decision regarding the demolition of the bridge ”.

On the question of “Will the Istanbul YHT work be completed by October 29”, Koca stated that the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, Binali Yıldırım, closely followed the works and made statements on the subject.

Expressing that the high-speed train has become a brand in Eskişehir, Koca said:

“The fact that the works carried out in the Eskişehir region are not completed will not be a factor that disrupts the voyages, YHT is coming to Eskişehir Station while the underpass works are currently in progress. The work after Gar continues at full speed. We do not have any problems in this sense in Eskişehir, but the works have accelerated now. With the completion of the work in Ankara Sincan, Eskişehir-Ankara will be 65 minutes and Eskişehir-İstanbul will be 120 minutes.

Koca, Sivrihisar-Bursa between the highway plans to be done at the moment by explaining that the plans to complete the road, Beylikova, Alpu and Eskişehir will be in a way to cover the northern ring road, along the way Sivrihisar-Bursa between the 202 mileage will go down.

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