Silkworm Tramway is Turkey's Pride Source


Deputy Minister of Transport Yahya Baş, who participated in the test drive of Turkey's first domestic tram, 'Silkworm', produced in Bursa, said, "The local tram produced under the leadership of our Metropolitan Municipality is a source of pride for our country."

BURSA - led by Metropolitan Municipality in Bursa, Turkey's first domestically produced tram 'Silkworm to a praise came from Deputy Transport Minister Yahya head. 'Silkworm participating in the test drive head, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality said that the tram source of pride for Turkey under the leadership produced.

Deputy Minister of Transport Yahya Baş attended a test drive of the silkworm tram in Bursa, where he came with the ministry officials. Bringing together the city center rail network Sculpture - Garage T1 line route for the quiz Deputy Minister stating enjoyed from participating in the driving head, "first manufactured and perform a vehicle in such a trial with local certification gratifying in Turkey. We had a problem-free trip even on very sloping ramps. We want this industry to grow rapidly in Bursa and spread throughout the country. I would like to thank Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, the company's executives and those who contributed to this.

Emphasizing that the President Altepe had special efforts in the implementation of the project, Baş said, ız If our President did not lead this business, perhaps this company would not dare to enter this business. Durmazlar This work initiated by the Holding under the leadership of our president is proud of our country. ”

Stating that comfortable and safe transportation in cities is possible with rail systems, Baş said, ler Our heart is that the sector is mostly domestic. The work that started in Bursa is a successful example. Erek He congratulated the people who contributed to the tram production.

Altepe's 'Silkworm' invitation

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe expressing great thinking in all areas of the Sculpture Garage T1 highlighting the completion of the tram line, ehir We continue our test work on the tram line. Both our vehicles and routes, ie the complete system is being tested. We're delighted to see the T1 line and the trolley drive without fail. Görmek President Altepe, especially the mayors, including all interested managers interested in the issue to participate in the test drive of the tram was invited to Bursa.

Mayor Altepe and Deputy Minister Baş in the test drive, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor advisers Taha Aydin and Fahrettin Yildirim, Durmazlar Holding managers Hüseyin Durmaz and Fatma Durmaz Yılbirlik and AK Party Bursa Provincial Vice President Cemalettin Torun was also accompanied.

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