62 thousand railway employees in Russia could lose their jobs

In Russia, the 62 thousand railroad employee may lose his job: Tariffs can be freed from the 62,1 bin railways employee.

The Russian railway administration said in a statement that the company will lose 93,2 billion rubles as a result of freezing of tariffs, so about 2014 thousand employees can be fired at 62,1.

Authorities working on the Russian railways, Praym told the agency that as a result of freezing tariffs, the risks of transportation safety deteriorated, the company could experience a threefold decline in investment programs and could fall to 124 billion levels.

According to the information given by freezing tariffs, 2014 will reduce infrastructure repair costs and reduce the number of employees.

As it is known, Prime Minister Medvedev asked the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Economy and Development and asked them to work on freezing of natural monopoly services tariffs at 2014. The Ministry of Finance welcomed the issue of freezing some tariffs of the railways, Gazprom and Rosset, while the Ministry of Transport had opposed the idea.

Source : the www.gazetem.r

Günceleme: 27/11/2018 18:05

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