High Speed ​​Date of Train in Izmit

High Speed ​​of the Train in Izmit: In recent years, black and white photos with plenty of trains started to be hung in the eating and drinking places in Izmit. Has he also train in Turkey, before the mind, train passing through town, Izmit income. The train has been removed from the city over the years. Now left the caratren on the walls as a nostalgia photograph. And now it is now waits for the High Speed ​​Train (YHT). From where to where…

Tuncay Bilecen once told the history of the train in this newspaper:

History of the Turkish Railway begins in 1856. The first railway line, the 130 km Izmir - Aydin line, the first digging a British company was given a privilege this year was shot. The choice of this line was not without reason. The İzmir-Aydın region was easily accessible to the raw material required by the British industry, where the population of the population was high in terms of population, the commercial potential was high, the ethnic elements suitable for being the British market lived.

Railway concessions were granted to the British, French and Germans in various periods in the Ottoman Empire. Because of the German influence in the last period of the Empire, great importance was attached to the construction of the Baghdad-Berlin railway line.

Haydarpaşa - İzmit - Ankara railway was first realized in 1888 with the financial support of Abdulhamid II from Germany. Sultan II. Abdulhamid's memories; Uv I accelerated the construction of the Anatolian Railways with all my strength. The aim of this road is to connect Mesopotamia and Baghdad to Anatolia and reach the Persian Gulf. This has been achieved through German assistance. Formerly the rotting grain in the fields is now well-established, and our mines are brought to the world market. It is prepared for a good future for Anatolia. Anadolu

Since the proclamation of the Republic, railway mobilization has been initiated all over the country. The railway companies in the hands of foreigners have been rapidly nationalized and the construction of new routes has been made.

As a matter of fact, 10 has been composed because of the tenth year of the Republic. In the first quartet of the Year March, this railway love is praised.

We have come out with open forehead in ten years from every war,

In ten years we have created fifteen million young people of all ages;

The Commander-in-Chief whom the world considers;

The duck with iron nets was seduced by four.

Indeed, despite all the shortages, impossibilities, the construction of the railway was continued at a great pace until the Second World War, and the 1923 km of the 1950 km between 3.578-3.208 was completed until 1940.

With the help of Marshall from the US since the 1950, railroads were almost ignored and the construction of the highway was started. As a result of these policies, 1950-1980 only average 30 km per year. new line could be made.

As a result of the road-based transportation policies implemented after the 1950, the road length increased by 1950 by 1997-80, while the rail length increased by only% 11.

Starting from the eighties, the motorway service was started. Turgut Özal explained the transportation philosophy of this period in which he said “We are jumping into everyday life every day.” At Railways are communist work! İ

Thus, the passenger transport share of the highways in our country is% 96 and the railroad is only% 2. However, rail transport is going head-to-head with the Western countries selling cars.

Turkey 94% in freight transport by road, rail has a ratio xnumx'lük%. As a result of these unconscious policies, 4 thousand citizens are dying every year in traffic accidents, and 10 is disabled. Traffic accidents are a result of Turkey's economy is undergoing a loss of 150 billion euros each year.

The train stations always call for separation. The roads are separated by timeless vedas. The song of the iron wheels and the neck of the lonely lonely lover remains waiting. The trains tell about not getting there, and the rails ...

Glasses on night and snow.

White rays glowing in the dark -

reminds me not to get away. (Nazım Hikmet, met Outgoing ()

Behçet Aysan, who is engraved in his mind with the verse et İzmit inde, which is a, big loneliness “, is in this poem;

a great loneliness Izmit

morning bleach in front of the station


abandoned dead seagulls

The words sözler

YEAR 1908- One of the first cardopsis on Izmit. I have 16 date on 1908 January. But it was probably taken before the 1904. Because it doesn't seem more clock tower. French Souvenir d'İzmidt (Nicomedie) written in the memoirs of Izmit-Nicomedia. There's a postal stamp. Who knows who has sent this cartoose from this city to the world over a hundred years ago,

YEAR 1920- This is a very old photo. The most pristine period of today's Walk. There's a railroad, there's guns, but there's no train. The population is very little, almost no people around. The point where the photograph was taken is in front of Kapanönü Fotoğraf

YEAR 1945- Fahri Seyrek, one of the legendary photographers in Izmit, photographed. Izmit Train Station esi Opposite the Atatürk Statue and the Clock Tower stand in full force. The pavilion next to it could survive until the beginning of the 1990s, then it was donated to the Red Crescent and it was destroyed.

YEAR 1958- Cemal Turgay, the legendary photographer of Izmit, took the picture. This photo is almost a symbol photograph of the carved Izmit and is hanging on the walls of many places in the city. Unfortunately, Cemal Usta's signature was not included in the photograph on the walls.

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