Halic Metro Transition Bridge is ready

Haliç Metro Transit Bridge ready: The metro bridge, which has not dropped from the agenda due to its impact on the historical silhouette, is about to be completed.

The silhouette of the Golden Horn, the pearl of Istanbul, has been redrawn and the Taksim subway has been numbered for Yenikapi to come down. The subway station, which will be located on the bridge where the rails were laid, also appeared. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is expected to perform the first test drive of the pipeline in which the feverish work continues. 29 October 2013 will take two months to begin testing and the bridge 2014 will be put into service in January.

For the first time, the bridge of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality came to the fore in 1952. 1982 has been studied. In 1990 Protection Board approved the construction of the line. In the year of 1998, the tunnels of Şişhane-Karaköy and Unkapanı-Yenikapı were opened in one year by bidding for the construction of tunnels. For the bridge that will cross the Golden Horn, 2005 was submitted to the Project Protection Board until 21. However, no project was found suitable for the historical silhouette. By the year of 2005, the current project prepared by Architect Hakan Kıran was approved by the Protection Board. However, since the first day, the effect of the bridge on the silhouette has not dropped. The height of the carrier towers of the bridge, which is still under the shadow of the discussions, was the 82 meter in the first project.

The elevation of the UNESCO to Istanbul's World Heritage List and the warnings that it will be taken to the "World Heritage List at Risk" has been reduced several times. Due to its effect on the Suleymaniye Mosque silhouette, the carrier tower heights were reduced to 65 meters, and the starting point of the steel hangers was reduced to 47 meters. UNESCO has decided to submit a report at every stage.

The final presentation on the bridge was held in April at 2012 in Paris. After this stage, presentations were made every two months. From the height of the tower to the color of the bridge was decided by UNESCO. For the color work, photographs were taken at various angles around the bridge during the four seasons and at different times of the day. By defining the surrounding colors, it was decided that the bridge was gray and the station was light brown.

Taksim-Yenikapı metro line, which will cross the bridge, consists of 5,2 stations with a total length of 4 km. Taksim subway will reach the ground in Azapkapı at Şişhane skirts. There are both metro stations and pedestrian walkways on the bridge. On the 13 meter of the Golden Horn, you will have cafes on the Karaköy foot of the bridge that allows you to walk by watching the Historic Peninsula.

The length of the bridge over the sea is 460 meters. The bridge, which is worth a million pounds, reaches the bridge 180 with Unkapanı and Azapkapı viaducts. 936 foot carries the bridge made of 13 meters above sea level.

Dozens of piles were piled beneath the bridge's feet to prevent any collapses on the bridge, whose floor was loam. The 110 pile under the 120-36 meter of the sea carries the pile bridge. In Poland, specially prepared steel piles were placed with millimetric calculations. Archaeological excavations were carried out for each pile.

In case of historical artifacts, the places of the piles were changed. But it is not easy to do. Because the bridge has changed as a whole. In the Unkapanı section of the bridge there is a open-close section that allows the passage of large ships. In summer it will open twice a week in winter with 01.00 and 05.00 twice a night. Bridge and Istanbul Metro will reach the Yenikapı Transmission Station without interruption. Transfer to Marmaray and Aksaray-Airport light metro lines will be provided in Yenikapı. 1, which is expected to be used by 2014 million passengers a day, will be commissioned in January.

Source : I www.risalehaber.co

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