Automobile overturned on tramway in Gaziantep

In Gaziantep, the car was overthrown on the tramway: In Gaziantep, the driver of the car, which fell out of control and fell on the tram rails, was slightly injured.

The accident occurred on University Boulevard late last night. According to the allegation, the car under the direction of 25-year-old Burcu Anteplioğlu got out of control and fell on the tram tracks. The female driver, who was injured in the accident where the car was scrapped, was taken to Gaziantep University Şahinbey Training and Research Hospital by the medical teams who came upon notice. It was reported that Burcu Anteplioğlu, whose treatment was started, was in good health.

Short-term traffic and trolley traffic that caused interruption of the car accident, the car was removed with the attractive vehicle after the road was re-opened. He's still investigating the crash.

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