Atakan gathered for High Speed ​​Train stops

They gathered for Atakan. They stopped High Speed ​​Train services: The marginal group, who was allegedly killed during the street events in Hatay in Eskişehir, closed the train track by sitting on the rails at the Sakarya pass. The activists, who barricaded the materials they collected from the environment, set the materials they collected on fire. The citizens became victims due to the actions. As the group sat on the rails and set the barricade they set up on fire, normal train services with High Speed ​​Train stopped.

The marginal group, who gathered in front of Espark Shopping Center on the university street in the evening, took action for Ahmet Atakan, who was allegedly killed during street events in Hatay. The group, who started walking from here, came to Sakarya Street later. The group then climbed onto the level crossing of Sakarya passing through the middle of the city, sitting on the train tracks here and closed the road. Due to the closure of the railway's Group Eskişehir - Ankara, Ankara - Eskisehir from Turkey's Eskisehir High Speed ​​Train trips made with the opposing trains stopped in the different provinces. High Speed ​​Train passengers were brought to the Gar by moving to or from a point at the entrance of Eskişehir.

In the meantime, the activist group set up barricades on level grates with the materials and debris collected from the highways and the surrounding constructions. Due to the established barricade, both the train service and the urban vehicle transportation over the level crossing is blocked. For this reason, urban traffic in the region is experiencing difficulties. The action of the group continues.

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