Burulaş Trained Support for Private Security Personnel

Burulaş Trained Support for Private Security Personnel: The transportation company of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, BURULAŞ, provided training about security personnel serving in the fields of activity, Excellence in Service and Private Security Services.
BURULAS Training and Audit Unit organized by Bursaray Stations, BUDO Pier, Bursa Intercity Bus Terminal and security staff assigned to the training staff attended the training seminar, BURULAS Business Center in the 3 day was held with six sessions. Speaking in the training, General Director Levent Fidansoy BURULAŞ, excellence in service and the safety of passengers priorities, he said. Fidansoy, security personnel, public relations, constructive communication recommended to establish. Special Security Trainer, Retired Police Chief Durmuş Özbek, gave information to the personnel about the authorities and responsibilities of private security services law 5188 and explained the rules to be complied with under this law.

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