Discount on general cargo freight departures by rail

Reduction in general cargo fees departing by rail: Reduction in the fees of general cargo loads departing by rail Mersin Port Management is subject to the import regime discharged from the ship in order to increase the use of railways at the port, stored in open areas and at least 251 km away by rail, general 20% discount on the terminal basic fees of cargo loads, and general cargo open area storage fees, the first 5 days of exemption, the charges in the fee table will be charged for the first 10 days, and additional charges will be applied after the 15th day. This application is valid for general cargo items discharged from the ship as of 28.08.2013 and will be valid until 28.08.2014, in order to give the discount, the storage of the cargo in the open area must be approved by MIP and the documents regarding the use of the rail must be submitted to the MLP.

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