Bursan's new cable car is not a forest enemy

Bursan's new ropeway is not the enemy of the forest: Bursa Teleferik Inc. Chairman of the Board İlker Cumbul, Bursa 2. The decision of the Administrative Court stopped the decision of the cable car in the middle of September until a positive decision to get to the new year or the latest winter season, he said.

Underlining that there is currently a lack of information about the tree sector in society, Cumbul said, bilgi The complete cleaning of the line under the cableway is a technical necessity. 100-120 meters of masts, the cable car over the trees are wanted to fly. There is no ropeway in the world. We're shaving up the thickness of the lawn. It's not a rate that could damage the forest. Everybody gets stuck in the number, but not when you hit it. This project is not a forest enemy project. If there is a completely unfavorable decision, there will be no cable car to the Hotel Zone. But we don't expect a negative decision, Ama he said.

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