The need for cutting trees for the new cable car line of Bursan (Video)

Bursanın new cable car line to tree cutting must: Bursa Cableway Inc. Chairman and Leitner Turkey and Near East Policy Director of the Cumbul; The explanation of the renewal of the cable car, which is one of the symbols of Bursa, and the extension of the line to the hotels area, on the suspension of the works due to tree trunks is presented below. Bursa Leitner Ropeway Inc. Chairman and Director of Turkey and Near East Policy is Cumbul

Tree cutting obligation for cable car

In order to renew the cable car, which is the annual symbol of Bursa 50, to extend the line to the hotels area and to offer a more comfortable and ecological transportation service to the residents of Bursal, we have put our hands on the structure of December 2012 according to build-operate-transfer model. Rope is one of the world's most powerful companies in the transportation firm Leitner and the Near East Representative of Turkey and Bursa in Turkey and the world Ropeway Inc. Our strong references, we began work on our experience and our financial strength.

In project scope; The total length of the 4 bin 500 meter will be extended to approximately 8 bin 500 meters, and will be reached by a comfortable journey of approximately 24 minutes on a single line. When making this line, the existing cable car line from Tefferrüç to Sarıalan will be used and a new line will be created from this point to the hotels. There is no change in the project. There is currently a lack of knowledge about tree cutting in society. It is a technical necessity to clean the line under the ropeway all over the world.

Safety and technical aspects of the area where the cable car passes over should be without trees. Because there is a safety corridor for emergency rescue or fire or other reasons to reach the ropeway. 100-200 meter poles, the cable car over the trees are wanted to fly.No such a cable car in the world. When we look at the scale of a football field in Uludağ, the area we cut is equal to the thickness of a grass. This is not a rate of tree massacre that would harm the forest. Everybody gets stuck, but when we hit it, it's not so much. So many trees, forest rejuvenation, tree demolition in the year due to reasons such as already cut off. With a very serious figure paid before the start of the project, almost 10 solids are being replanted. The area between Sarıalan / Çobankaya is afforested. I can certainly say that there is no clear loss of forest. In fact, a mountain ropeway to say; it means protecting the ecological balance of the mountain and choosing the method that will cause the least harm to nature. This is an indispensable condition for the mountains that protect the nature of forests such as Uludağ. We are also trying to get to the road by using a 12 meter wide security corridor despite the recognized 6 meter. This is also done in Uludağ, which has nothing to do with nature massacre or project change. When the existing road is expanded, it is said that tens of thousands of trees on the sides of an 30 km road will be cut, air pollution and traffic load will increase, and Uludağ will only be offered to the benefit of certain sectors.

The installation of the cable car 50. to take the line to the hotels region, to bring the ecological transportation system to Uludağ and to carry the 184 cabin to the peak of Uludağ every hour. The first phase of the construction is still going on. Then the people of Bursa will really see the technology and comfort; The cable car and the Uludag will be reopened for the use of our people. However, Bursa 1500. If a completely negative decision is made in the cable car project that was stopped with the decision of the Administrative Court, the ropeway will not be able to reach the hotels area. preventing the construction of the cable car, stopping in Bursa, in Turkey, economy, tourism, but most importantly, made a move against the right to benefit from Bursa Uludağ of people.



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