Railway Road Renovation Works In Bilecik

Railway Road Renovation Works in Bilecik Continues: Road renewal works continue by State Railways (FDI).

Halil İbrahim Akpınar, Deputy General Director of State Railways İsa Apaydın, 1. DDY Regional Director Hasan Gedikli, Road Construction Department Head İsmail Mürtezaoğlu, Road Department Director Selahattin Sivrikaya and other officials as well as the station station railway station at the station renovation work was examined, received information from the contractor company officials.

In his speech, Apaydın stated that the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) project works on the Ankara-Istanbul line are continuing rapidly, and that the 17-kilometer road renewal work of the DDY was carried out in the area between Bilecik and Pamukova stations.

Stating that they aim to complete most of the superstructure by September 20, Apaydın said:

“Our electromechanical processes continue. We are now rapidly approaching the end of the railways in the Ankara-Istanbul stage. With the Bilecik, Bozüyük, Arifiye, Izmit and Istanbul stages, these regions will also have high-speed trains. As the investments increased in the state railways, we also modernized the road constructions. For the first time, we made panel work here with a panel laying machine. This machine takes 36-meter panels and lays them on the road. We can build longer roads in a shorter time. With these works, railways will provide even better services. The works we are doing now are our conventional normal line, but as we use 60 rail sleepers in the superstructure of high-speed trains, we make this rail 60 rail sleepers. We make it possible to use it in our high speed trains whenever it wants.

Source : haberciniz.biz

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