President Altepeden Cable Car Review

Mayor Altepeden Interpretation of the Cable Car: Explaining that the work on the cable car continues, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said, “We are trying to train the Sarıalan stage of the cable car until 29 October. There has been no deviation so far. Hopefully, the people of Bursa will be renewed with the new cable car on October 29 and have increased 12 times. They won't wait long. There were several lawsuits involving logging. Of course, his case will be concluded. If you need to make a cable car to climb Uludağ, the trees under it must be cut. This is normal. Otherwise, if you try to widen the road, you will cut the trees on the side for 35 kilometers. There are 300 meters of trees to be cut there. At that time, 4 kilometers and 300 meters of it remained. "We are doing the same application as this service is provided in the world."

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