Aksaray will be one of the most valuable points of Istanbul with the opening of Marmaray

With the opening of Aksaray Marmaray will be one of the most valuable points of Istanbul: Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir, Aksaray said that they will implement the renovation project. Iron acak It will be a completely tourism area. When the value increase is increased to 1 5 'will be used.

Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir will be one of the most valuable transit points of Istanbul with Marmaray, and said that they will implement the renovation project in Aksaray. Iron acak It will be a completely tourism area. When it is renewed, the value increase will be 1, while 5 Yen

29 When the Marmaray project, which was planned to be opened in October, will become the epicenter of Istanbul's transportation, the button was pressed for the transformation of Aksaray region, which will remain at the entrance and exit points of the project. The municipality, with the decision of the Council of Ministers to determine the real value of the region determined as the area of ​​the hotel behind the building of the intensity of the ISKI 80 thousand square meters in the first phase of the building with an agreement with the owners of the building will demolish and rebuild.

Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir, inin This place is now known as the night world.
Operations, known for its negative image. She's dormant with her current image. However, this will be one of the most valuable points of Istanbul with the realization of Marmaray. We will implement the biggest tourism renovation project in Istanbul. İstanbul Demir stated that the project will be completed in two years.

Noting that the region is composed of 12 islands, Mustafa Demir said, X This place will be a completely tourism area. Parking will be underground. Public areas currently used as dumps will include cafeterias, shops, recreation areas. The first floors of these will be stores. Bunlar Mustafa Demir, who said that he will do the project completely for the transformation behind İSKİ at the point, continued as follows: tamamen When it is already demolished and rebuilt, the value increase will rise to 5. The value of money spent on value increase is of no importance. In the first place the building area 190 thousand square meters, while the total area 80 thousand square meters. The price of 100 per square meter varies between 7-10 thousand dollars. When this is supported by a project, we will talk about things that cannot be imagined Bu

Instead of making a new shopping center in the region, Mustafa Demir said that they have revealed the importance of historical trade regions such as Grand Bazaar, Mahmutpaşa, Tahtakale, Yeşildirek, Sultanhamam and Laleli within the boundaries of Fatih and said ale In the course of time, it will be We think the interest will increase again. We have no intention of shopping in the Historic Peninsula. On the contrary, we're going to get people out. But we want to expose these shops to pave the way for traditional trade. Ama

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