AKGİAD asked for support from EXPO for Aksu district ropeway project

AKGİAD asked for support from EXPO for the Aksu district ropeway project: Aksu Entrepreneurial Businessmen Association asked for support by transferring the cable car project, which was stated not to contribute to the district, to EXPO Secretary General Selami Gülay.

The ropeway project of the Aksu district of Antalya, the Association of Entrepreneurial Businessmen, was conveyed to Aksu City Council by EXPO Secretary General Selami Gülay. EXPO 2016 visitors to the natural, historical and cultural beauties of the town of Aksu to recognize the value of the project will add value to the district, the Secretary General of EXPO was asked to support.

AKGİAD President Hakan Özen also participated in the visit of the City Council President Turan Sahin, EXPO gave information about the ropeway project.

EXPO General Secretary Selami Gülay said he would forward the issue to the board of directors.

Source : http://www.medya73.com