Underpass Reaction from AK Party Aydın Deputy Erdem

Underpass Reaction from AK Party Aydın Deputy Erdem: AK Party Aydın Deputy Mehmet Erdem said, "The underpass built by Aydın Municipality on Atatürk Boulevard is technically and legally awkward."

Erdem, in his written statement, TCDD Izmir 3.Regional Directorate of the Municipality of Aydın in accordance with the protocol signed in the year 1998 Aydın Municipality of the remaining areas of the railway route of the reconstruction of the roads to be made on the reminder was reached.

Stating that the shape and shape of the passages included in the protocol articles were determined as a result of the examination of the technical details, Erdem stated that the shape of the Atatürk Boulevard crossing included in the 27th article of this protocol is "underpass".

“Atatürk Boulevard will continue by passing under the railway. This figure is a situation that has been decided as a result of the examination of technical staff. In the article written by TCDD, this condition is expressed exactly. When deciding on this, the technical staff considered the location of Aydın State Hospital, the easy passage of an ambulance or a vehicle carrying patients, and the traffic flow. Instead of an underpass that will allow passage under the railway, a weird underpass running parallel to the railway was built.

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