Ahmet Hakan's subway script Gökçeki will go crazy!

Ahmet Hakan's subway article will drive Gökçek crazy! The endless scandals in the Ankara subway found a place in the corner of Hürriyet columnist Ahmet Hakan this time. Criticizing the "forbidden" announcements in the Ankara subway, where playing guitar and singing after kissing is also prohibited, Ahmet Hakan took the Mayor Melih Gökçek to joke.

Hakan wrote in his article titled "Our metro is small but our announcer is very harsh":

There are an ”an announcer ayar in the Ankara Metro, which is two hundred and two centimeters.

Undaunted ...
Insisting ...
When a girl and a boy come a little closer to each other on the two hundred centimeter subway ...
U Our or announcer announces immediately an angry hustle
"Hope! Nation! Let's obey the rules of ethics… Let's warn those who do not comply.
When a young boy on the two hundred centimeter subway starts to strum his guitar like "Mediterranean Evenings" ...
Yapıy Our un announcer immediately makes the announcement of raconu kesen:
”I'm a Yassak nurser who plays guitar on the subway.“
Sometimes a man says, "Good thing Melih Gokcek is dealing with other jobs, and the Ankara Metro is two hundred inches in length."
Think about it:
If Ankara Metro was like Tokyo Metro ...
How many ons announcers a to that length would have to be taken?
Hafazanallah! Hafazanallah!

Source : I www.gazeteciler.co

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