Afyonkarahisar Reaching High Speed ​​Train

Afyonkarahisar-speed train kavuşuyor: Transport, Shipping and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, saving the railways is a transport network, which is Turkey's honor, "We not only renovate this burning only railways we came to power, the speed of the train also brought to Turkey. 11 thousand kilometers of 7 thousand kilometers of the railway has been completely renewed. We have become our own train sets, locomotives. We have established Turkey's domestic rail industry, we achieved it, "he said.

TCDD's 157. Organized within the scope of the Anniversary events, '7 Region, 7 Feast' ceremonies of Transportation, Maritime and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim and the Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs. Dr. Veysel Eroğlu came to Afyonkarahisar. The ministers participated in the groundbreaking ceremony of the Afyonkarahisar section of the Ankara-Afyonkarahisar High Speed ​​Train (YHT), where a number of ground-breaking and opening events were carried out with the 6 region.

TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karahan, who made the opening speech of the ceremony, said that the history of railways has been under the influence of investment and services have experienced a period in which profit increases. Karahan noted that the facilities where the foundations were laid and whose openings were opened not only affected those areas but also all the countries. Ecek The high speed train lines that are laid, and the transportation distance between the cities will be as long as the 1 hour. The cost of the high-speed train line between Ankara and Izmir will be 3 billion 800 million TL and the 623 kilometer will be constructed. 220 will be 3,5 hours between Ankara and Izmir and 1,5 hours will be between Ankara and Afyon ”.

If Afyonkarahisar Governor Irfan Balkanlıoğlu Speaking at the ceremony, the high-speed train blessings which the world only 8 country Noting that began to exploit Turkey, "railways called a not more man began to become legends with the investments made in recent years. With this line, Afyon will be the center of attraction of Ankara and Izmir. Our thermal values ​​will be the sector that makes the most use of the high speed train line. People will go to their hometowns in the morning with high-speed train to our city for thermal in the morning.


Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Dr. Veysel Eroglu, today is a great day for Afyon, Ankara and Izmir, the Ministry of TCDD as a result of the establishment of the 157 thousand seedlings by planting the TCDD Forest will create, he said. With the ceremonies carried out, the 7 has made enormous investments in the region and the saga has been written. Erdoğlu said:

"We now have high-speed trains in Turkey. I hope Turkey will become intertwined as the network with the new railway network. When we were going to Istanbul from Afyon in advance, we forgot that we had 5 hourly routes at 12 hour. 80 was the 6 thousand kilometer road per year, but our government period was made way to 17 thousand kilometers divided so far. The Bolu Tunnel that was imagined opened up in our time. Turkey has become spectacular with freeways and divided highways. In the past, the airlines used an elite layer. Through us, the airways were the people's ways. almost no place left the airport in Turkey. We established a regional airport in the middle of Uşak, Afyon and Kütahya. They do not end up counting the benefits to tourism, industry and the economy. If you want to improve the economy, you'll take care of the transportation. In the period of our government 'All roads to Rome, not to go to Afyonkarahisar' began. cities have made the most of divided highway in Afyonkarahisar in Turkey. Afyonkarahisar approached almost every city with divided roads. The roads of Afyonkarahisar were like Afyon. The past government attempted to make the ring road, but all the traffic began to flow through the city. We've finished the ring road. There are many roads, bridges and intersections in Afyonkarahisar. Afyon


Minister Eroglu, continued his speech as follows:

Uk We couldn't think of the fast train. Even 'Karan train is delayed' he had even made the song. But now we are writing the epic on the fast train. It is not possible to describe my happiness when we open the first train line. Our government attaches great importance to Afyon. This is a difficult investment in terms of land, high technology is required. 1 is an investment that demands a billion TL. In the past, the total coalition government of the previous coalition was made by 4 billion TL, while our Ministry of Transport will only invest 4 billion TL in the Ankara-Izmir high-speed train line. The high-speed train will develop Afyonkarahisar in a spectacular way. Our brothers who rode from Izmir will be eating ramen bread. Afyon is not only the intersection point of roads, it will be a junction point for high-speed trains. I would like to thank the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, who wrote the epic of transportation and was an example to the world. Ulaşım


Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim said that Afyon had a historical day, and that Afyon had taken the first step in reaching a high-speed train. In his speech, the poet Nazım Hikmet Ran gave an example from the Kuva-i Milliye Epic in his speech. Minister Yıldırım said, “During those difficult days in the War of Kuruşı, we were desperate to do our Independence War. 'Going from the bottom of the moon, the top of Aksehir from Afyon.' Today the trains are replaced by high-speed trains and airlines. Afyon is where the divided roads meet. Afyon, Uşak, Kütahya is the place where heroic epics are written. Now we bring high-speed train to Afyon and you think we forget the city of Usak and Kütahya? The high-speed train will arrive in Afyon from Ankara. After that Uşak, Manisa and ver hand İzmir. It's a line. Here's the other line. Ankara, Eskişehir, Kütahya and İzmir. Therefore, we think these projects for all cities. We made Zafer Airport in the middle of Uşak, Afyon and Kütahya where there are 2 million citizens. All our deputies have contributed to this. Therefore, which service came to our country, our country is the result of team work and working together. 2001 14 August in Afyon, a voice is rising, 'Enough is now the nation, the decision is the nation' he. The rising voice there is the voice of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. We started the road here, and that sound was marked by the 10 year. That wave of sound has spread all over Anatolia.


In his speech, the project was prepared at the time of Sultan Abdülhamit but could not be realized 'Marmaray Project also mentioned in the 29 Minister in October, saying that the opening of the Lightning, "as a nation, never lost your support. In the divided ways, we covered the country with nets on all sides. We crossed the country in divided ways. 80 10 6 in the year we made the fold. Today, we are opening the services of 500 investments in the city, which cost 150 million. High-speed train is the dream of Turkey. Turkey's high-speed train was a dream. But this dream always turns into another dream and it is not real. Mamaray, the project of the century took our 29 year. He made the project of Sultan Abdülhamit. She was the one who gave us the step. We started and finished. I hope he will be the one to open us. 1970 is opening in October. The high-speed train was the one in us. Year The foundation of the 33 high-speed train is at Ayaş. But we stay under that foundation. Breaking 12 years have passed, 21 government is going to come 2013 Minister is going, there is nothing happening on the fast train ever changing. Year 11 railroads have seen a case as follows. Roads are finished, trains can not speed on the roads. Trains are obsolete. 'We cannot bear the burden of our country. But you have to carry this burden 'he forwarded. Prime Minister 'Let us leave bad' he gave instructions. Because TCDD is the symbol of independence. We won our War of Independence through the railways, railways are our honor. 7 thousand kilometers of 10 thousand kilometers of the railway has been completely renewed. We have become our own train sets, locomotives. We have established Turkey's domestic railway industry, because we could not leave it at the mercy of our national transportation network of our foreign and we succeeded. XNUMX has not only renewed the railroads a year. High speed trains also brought to Turkey. Turkey also now have high-speed train.


Minister Yıldırım, continued his speech:

“YHT leaves Ankara and arrives in Konya, Eskişehir in a minute. Everything starts with dreaming. Let's dream one more dream. A person taking the high-speed train from Ankara will do his shopping in Afyon in 1,5 hours, rest in the thermal, take the high-speed train to eat his bread and kadayif and go to Izmir in 2 hours. He will go to Manisa, Uşak. So when a person many provinces of Turkey will visit you one day. Not so 5 years, Turkey's 15 provinces so we'll have a fast train to meet half of our population. "

Turkey is wasted due to poor power and coalitions of the year, that service remains another spring of record Minister Yıldırım, "This is why the roads are split was done. Why is the Bolu tunnel not built in 30 year? Kangal tunnel lasted 37 years. Is that possible? So what has changed. 10 156 mileage the amount we made per year. World's longest 3. tunnel between Rize and Erzurum in the Black Sea. We do two 15 kilometers in the 3 year, this is a world record. So far we have made a thousand kilometers viaduct road. There is an 57 kilometer tunnel in Bilecik. This is the power of Turkey. This is done with the support of 76 million population. There is no calculation of the dams of dams. Now we can't open one by one, we're putting together 100 openings. We can't make it open. Weak rulers made an opening in the year, once a year and then opened again, these were left behind. Z

AV We are fighting for peace and peace ”

Ending the terror from the conversion of speech and investment of resources allocated to the fight against terrorism also mentioned the Minister Yıldırım, "This is our country, Turkey in this land we live our common destiny, our freedom and independence for thousands of years. We all have different traditions. We all have different denominations. But we also have a different value. This is our cement. This is our greatest value. The shadow of 780 thousand square one state and one in Turkey carry on our existence, our unity, our Ballad, solidarity, brotherhood will continue. Nobody should doubt it. Completion of terrorism, the arrival of brotherhood may disrupt the peace of some. We defend peace and peace until the end. Why are we defending? Because the nation needs it. Turkey's 100 our resources and our energy. will spend for the anniversary of the establishment. We will spend Atatürk's goal of achieving the level of contemporary civilizations. We need the brotherhood and the union. We will do more divided roads and high-speed trains with the resources we have increased here. We will make way to the hearts, Gön he said.

Following the speeches, Minister Binali Yıldırım and Minister Veysel Eroğlu and Muratlı-Tekirdağ 6nd Line and electrification opening with their live connections to 2 regions, Çankırı Modern Makan Factory VADEMSAŞ opening, Sivas Concrete Travers Factory opening, Malatya floor gold wheel lathe workshop opening They laid the foundations of four modern train sets between Adana and Mersin, and the Izmir-Bandırma signalization and electrification ceremony.

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