Yüksel: Şentepe-Yenimahalle Cable Car Line to Breathe the Region

Yüksel: Şentepe-Yenimahalle Ropeway Line Breath to the Region: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality General Coordinator and Ak Parti Yenimahalle District Vice President Mustafa Yüksel told Yenimahalle about their services.

5 for years Yenimahalle who can not get any service that deserves, party organization and the metropolitan municipality that almost flipped Mustafa Yüksel, Yenimahalle municipality in the district

He said he could not give any services to the inhabitants properly and on time. Asphalt is not thrown into the street, all the pavement of the district have been overhauled, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality

Chairman Melih Gökçek, mobilizing themselves for Yenimahalle indicating that Yüksel, in a very short time with all the neighborhood muhtarları come together, said the district will complete the deficiencies.


Vice-President Yüksel, Yenimahalle municipal administration and CHP despite all the blockade, construction of the ropeway project began, he said. In this process, modern and comfortable
stated that they did not give up the ropeway project. The Mayor and his executives are trying to prevent the project that provides easy access to the district and its inhabitants.

Emphasizing that he could not understand the Yuksel, the administration will take the ballot in response to such behavior, he said. Mustafa Yuksel, AK Party district administration is working very hard, he said.

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