Lahore metrobus line brought great innovation to the city

Lahore metrobus line brought great innovation to the city: Urbanism Minister Erdoğan Bayraktar, who went to Pakistan at the invitation of Prime Minister Navaz Sharif, examined the solid waste facilities operated by Turkish companies and the Metrobus line in Lahore.

Minister of Environment and Urbanism Erdogan Bayraktar, who went to Pakistan as a guest of the federal government, moved from Islamabad to Penjap Province Capital Lahore after meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Penjap State Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif. Minister Bayraktar and his accompanying delegation examined the solid waste management and metrobus applications carried out by Turkish companies in Lahore.


After visiting the solid waste management center of Albayraklar Group of Companies, Minister Bayraktar later traveled on the Metrobus line operated by the same group. Stating that the Metrobus application brings great innovations in traffic and public transportation in Lahore, Minister Bayraktar said, 'I congratulate those who contributed. It was a very accurate investment. I am delighted that the traffic problem, one of Lahore's biggest problems, has been solved with the investments of a Turkish company. '

Minister Bayraktar later visited the Turkish School established in Pakistan by businessmen. Minister Bayraktar, who has information about the activities of the school, said, 'I pay attention to visit Turkish schools in every country I visit. Turkey's recognition in the world thanks to this increased awareness and better services. Representing Turkey in the best way outside the dorm I heartily congratulate the Turkish school administrators and employees' he said.

We will not forget your sacrifice

Minister Erdogan Bayraktar was accompanied by Albayrak Holding Chairman Ahmet Albayrak, Albayrak Holding Deputy Chairman Nuri Albayrak and Prime Minister Consultant Hasan Albayrak during his visit to Lahore. Bayraktar and his Turkish delegation also visited the mausoleum of Pakistan's national poet Muhammed İkbal in Lahore. In his speech at the dinner he gave in honor of the Sheriff after the visits, Bayraktar pointed to the brotherhood bond between the two countries and said, 'The Turkish people never forgot and will not forget this sacrifice of the Pakistani people who sent them for the freedom of their Turkish brothers in the War of Independence.

Source: New Dawn

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