Giant projects in Istanbul will increase population to 1 million in Basaksehir

Giant projects in Istanbul will increase the population to 1 million in Başakşehir: Mayor of Başakşehir Mevlüt Uysal; Channel Istanbul, 3. Airport, 3. The bridge, North Marmara Motorway and the impact of Marmaray'ın 360 thousand people will still exceed the 5 thousand years later, specifying that the district is planned to reach the population of 800 million said.

Başakşehir district is planned as the new settlement of Istanbul Mayor Mevlut Uysal Başakşehir, currently the population of the 360 bin 5 800 thousand people will reach the impact of the giant projects, said the thousand people. Uysal, metro, 3. Airport, 3. Bridge, North Marmara highway and Marmaray'ın affected by the rapid growth of the district, the channel population of Başakşehir'ın the channel will find the population of 1.5 million said.
Uysal stated that Başakşehir is the biggest district of Istanbul as a residential area and said:
Or Our population is growing with those coming from Istanbul. Those who want to live in a more orderly place come to our district. Sarıyer and Beykoz have bigger districts but less construction areas. All of our lands are the building area. The 20 of the district has already been built. Half of it is regular, half is the slum area. The area that will be built in the new period is the 80 of the district. The new showcase of Basaksehir Istanbul. 20 years later, '' Where is the new Istanbul, '' when the Basaksehir in Europe, on the Anatolian side of Ataşehir to be shown. We prepare all projects according to this vision. Bütün

Channel Istanbul lottery
Three routes have been considered for Channel Istanbul Uysal, gave the following information:
Acak According to the first route, Kanal Istanbul will go from Silivri to Black Sea. The second one will enter the Lake Büyükçekmece and continue from there. According to the third route, entering the lake of Küçükçekmece will go to the Black Sea. One of these three routes will be chosen. Buyukcekmece is an important drinking water basin, so it is disabled. Then it will pass through Silivri or Küçükçekmece Lake. O

Follow-up of contractors
Uysal, who noted that the channel Istanbul project would be more advantageous in terms of the cost of passing through the valleys connected to lakes and lakes, said:
UM If you start from the Küçükçekmece Lake, the 45-20 kilometer of the 25 kilometer will advance in the natural valley. If the cost on the other side of the 25-30 billion will work in this valley 10-15 will end up in dollars. 3. the Prime Minister's mouth, as in the case of the bridge, 'Channel will pass through here' when the promise is not true. Kanal Istanbul, Küçükçekmece lake from the Altinsehir valley will pass. He's gonna make a serious contribution to people in these neighborhoods. If it does not, the construction of the region will continue as planned. Contractors had begun to steal the door of the citizen, but for the time being, these interviews were stopped with the Kanal Istanbul project. Müt

The center of two airports
Başakşehir district Atatürk Airport 13, 3. Uysal, who said that the airport is within a distance of 15, said:
“We're right in the middle of two airports. Referring to the axles of transportation 3. Airport connection roads and 3. the bridge will portray the region very seriously. We are trying to integrate our district in this way. The road from Press Ekspres will pass directly through Basaksehir as a road to the new airport. Basın

Metro 1.5 opened months ago
Uysal emphasized that the Metropolitan Municipality made a metro investment for a new district in Istanbul for the first time and gave the following information:
Di We made the opening of the Başakşehir metro to 1.5 months ago and the metro came to the back of the Olympic stadium. There's a good reason why the subway is here. 300 is located in the organized industrial zone where a thousand people work. Metro came to half of the district, Bahçeşehir not yet arrived. I talked to IETT about transportation, after the metro bus ride or after the bus ride to the metro is paying a single fee. If a citizen pays 1.95 TL and then gets on the bus, he will pay 5 for the fee. In this case, students only have a difference of 1. Öğ
Uysal stated that the transportation problem in Basaksehir has not been solved yet.
Şey We need two things to solve the transportation problem. The first is the extension of the Marmaray project. Marmaray, HalkalıIt was ending. The decision to extend an 15 mileage up to Hadimkoy. However, it was not started to know where the channel Istanbul project will go. If Marmaray comes, the subway will be on the west side of the district. Marmar

North Marmara motorway
Uysal, who stated that the second solution of the transportation problem would be through Northern Marmara connection, said:
An The current highway passing through is locked. Going in the morning, evening turn is very troublesome. 3. the bridge is a little more relieved, but is locked again. Parallel to the existing highway, there is a connection road to North Marmara. He is entering from Hasdal In front of the dam, Alibeyköy, behind the Gazi Neighborhood, Başakşehir Municipality building in front of the Güvercintepe'ya connects, from there in Çatalca 3. meet through the link of the bridge. This road will be very convenient to our district.

The toll-free new way of hope that nobody could remove the tolls!
Mayor of Başakşehir Uysal said, eler I am the only mayor in the world that passes through the toll booths while going from one neighborhood to another Baş. Uysal, said:
Sık We suffer from tolls, we are troubled. Prime Minister, 'Tolls get up,' he says, Mayor of the Metropolitan, 'to rise,' he says, but the toll booth is standing there. What I can't lift is that I don't have to say 'I'm lifting'. Our hope now is to make a new road without a box! I hope the connection way to the Northern Marmara I hope. Then we can move from one side to the other in our district without the need for the box office. Zaman

Satellite city of real estate agents!
Başakşehir district was established in three separate municipalities noted that the Mayor of Başakşehir Mevlüt Uysal, said:
Dı Bahçeşehir town municipality joined us as it is. 60 of our district came from Küçükçekmece. Some of them came from Esenler. Bahçeşehir and Başakşehir regularly established satellites. In addition, between the two of them Altınşehir, Güvercintepe var. It's the real estate agents. Our district has three separate regions. Each region is a separate province, a separate culture. There are no people in this area. 200-300 square meters have paid 1985-4 thousand dollars on the citizen 5s. 1371 is a parcel of land. 1680 is a landmark of acres. Realtors market this place 6 thousand 200 people. But the problem is; real estate agents without selling land, sold shares. Realtors, 'This is the road, this place do not know' he said. According to the description of the citizen estate agent, if the state rules the rules, it will fit. No infrastructure, but 80-100 is a thousand inhabitants. We finished the infrastructure of three neighborhoods there. The size of the three neighborhoods is up to Gungoren. We did the plan study and we did the submission. Plan

2 bin 850 bedded hospital next to the Olympic stadium
Uysal stated that the city hospital with 2 bin 850 bed will be built behind the Olympic stadium and gave the following information:
Uz We call the showcase of Başakşehir İstanbul. The government and the Metropolitan Municipality see our district in such a position. As a reflection of this, one of the hospitals that 15 announced as the 15 city hospital the day before will be located in our district, behind the Olympic Stadium. 2 bin 850 bed to be made on the hospital 900 acres. If you think that Çapa Hospital has 1000 beds, the new hospital is three times the size of the Çapa. Similarly turning up the anchor 150-200. The city hospital is set up on a five-storey area.

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