Governor Altınok High-speed train is included in the investment program within a few years


When Governor Altınok is included in the high-speed train investment program, it comes in a few years: Aksaray Governor Selami Altınok drew attention to the decision of the political will for the high-speed train to arrive in Aksaray and said, “Mr. Veysel Eroğlu, our Minister, also announced in Aksaray. Currently, the feasibility and study studies of both Kırşehir-Ulukışla and Kayseri Antalya high-speed train are continuing. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the high-speed train line and studies for the other are ongoing. After these are finished, it will enter the investment program. Kayseri High Speed ​​Line will be finished in 2017. But one way or another, these things will happen. The decision of the political will. He said, 'I think it will be completed in a few years if it is included in the investment program.

Governor Selami Altınok, who spoke to Cihan News Agency (Cihan), evaluated his last year in Aksaray. Saying that he was like conducting the orchestra in Aksaray, Governor Altınok said, “It is my biggest duty that the wheels of the state work in harmony and order. I am conducting the orchestra. I think I did it well. " he spoke. INVESTMENTS IN OIZ ARTTIVali Selami Altınok drew attention to the increase in investments in Aksaray Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) and said, “I tell you based on the information given to me when I came last year. We had 132 factories. 141 now. 9 more factories were opened in a year. I was saying '6 thousand people work'. A thousand more workers have increased, now there are 7 thousand workers. There is no infrastructure shortage. We make immediate allocation to those who request land. We have no infrastructure, energy shortages. I think, 'Things are going to be on track in the organized industrial zone.' Noting that some privileges of Aksaray have attracted investors to the region, Governor Altınok gave the following information: “The government provided the facilities basically. We put our goodwill, sincerity and smiling face on top of the 90 percent incentives provided by the government and 10 percent on top of it. Aksaray is in the 5th Region in Provinces with Priority in Development. This is a huge advantage. When the investment is made in OIZ, the 6th zone is used. This is an extra advantage. Besides, why do investors come to Aksaray and not to other provinces in the 5th region? This place is on the historical Silk Road. All roads and intersections lead here. Transportation costs are easy. Turkey's belly. What you produce, you can send the same distance to each region of Turkey. On top of that, the contribution of me, the mayor and other members of the board of directors, this is a little makeup. Goodwill, sincerity, o. What we do is not a huge contribution. The main contribution is made by our government. ”I THINK I HAVE RUN THE UNITS OF THE STATE IN CONFORMITY Evaluating the last year in Aksaray, Governor Altınok said:“ Let me say this at least. Surely there are things we do and we cannot do, but 40 foxes wandered around these people's heads and did not touch the tails of 40 foxes. At least, at the point of peace and tranquility, I think we do not have any difficulties in terms of the peace and happiness of Aksaray, the ability to go out and work safely, at the point of the public units working in harmony. It is my biggest duty to ensure that the wheels of the state work in harmony and order. I am conducting the orchestra. I think I'm doing it well. I think I lived in a period when nobody was fighting with each other, nobody was digging each other's wells, nobody acted with the logic of letting one another elude to this and bringing their backs to the ground. It was my main duty, I think I succeeded it.

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