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Transport Council: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım stated that the targets set forth in the 11th Transport, Maritime and Communication Council in 2009 will be reviewed.

Lightning, 2023 will be held targets with the 2035 vision 5-7 September in Istanbul Congress Center, President Abdullah Gul's participation 11. Transportation, said would be discussed at the Maritime Affairs and Communications Council Meeting, council was from Turkey and ministers abroad, experts and academics He said that it will be held with more than 5 thousand participants. 3 days to talk of Turkey's Yildirim notifying the next 25 years, "with transportation we have put forth in 2009 will be revised targets related to communication. Revisions will be made in these if necessary. Considering the changes in the world and in the region, the 2023 targets of the sector will be put forward again. The road map will be determined in 2035. "We will make it happen in such an important meeting."

Turkey 80 years describing the Lightning last 10 years show that a superhuman effort to eliminate the omissions, "the record-breaking aviation records on every year, is situated among the best in the world, we have become an industry. We built 16 thousand 250 kilometers of divided road in land transportation. We introduced our country to the High Speed ​​Train, and we knit our country again with iron nets. In maritime, we carried out giant projects that remind us of our seafarer nation identity. In informatics, we took it from the African level and moved it to the European level. The success we have achieved in transportation and communication is of course a product of teamwork, planned and scheduled work. Now we are moving to the second phase of our work, ”he said.

Expressing that the 10th Transport, Maritime and Communications Council is extremely important to make an accounting of what has been done so far and what will be done next, and to program the next 11 years in parallel with the new developments in the world in transportation and communication, Yıldırım is the assurance of what he has done and will do so far. said that. Prior period in that many of the long-term plans and programs habit in Turkey, this habit of emphasizing the importance of the transportation here in terms of improving the Lightning, the Republic will do until 100, the 2023th anniversary, in 2035 up to the way they determine their maps, transport, and will shape the future of communication expressed that he cared a lot in terms of being a meeting.

Source : I ekonomi.haberturk.co

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