Eskişehir Tramway Road

Eskişehir Tramway Road Tight Vehicle Inspection: Eskişehir Provincial Police Department announced that a criminal procedure will be started for vehicles using tramways except those that are permitted.

In a statement on the subject, traffic has become one of the biggest problems of modern cities in recent years, the most effective and the cheapest method of solving the problem is to follow the rules said. Infrastructure work on the infrastructure continues to move rapidly in Eskisehir, Ismet Inonu-2 Street on the bridge in the near future to be demolished, citizens in terms of traffic is not adversely affected, compliance with the rules to comply with the rules in a statement said: ği Under these rules ; tasks that can use the tram route need an ambulance, fire, police, such as transition rule to the vehicle owner with Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) permitted instruments and decisions (00: 00 / 06: commercial vehicles and special vehicles carrying commodities business places and dwellings between 00 hours) outside access to tramways of other vehicles is prohibited. Rule violation and who is especially will continue to increase controls of unauthorized violate tools tram route for this purpose, our city also setup also known as the completed and Mobese Urban Safety Management System (CSMS) and will start the necessary criminal proceedings practice who are detected. The application indicates strongly that our citizens primarily to ensure the safety of life and property of our citizens is our greatest desire any encounter with the committed any criminal, "he said.

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