3. 14 separate obstacle in airport project

  1. 14 separate obstacle in the airport project: 3, whose tender was completed in May but could not be delivered. the problem at the airport 'mines' appeared. Lightning, 'the right owner of 14 company. They need to ensure reconciliation with them, 'he said.

3 auctioned in early May. Transportation, Shipping and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim came in response to why the delivery of the place could not be made in the airport tender.

Yildirim said that there are several conditions for the delivery of the place at the new airport to be made in Istanbul. For this reason, it is difficult to give a date, but our goal is to complete the work in the first quarter of next year at the end of the year without delay. Fazla


Yıldırım stated that the land should be delivered to the contractor firm immaculately. There are some allocations here. At the same time part of the mine site. There are 14 companies that have rights to mine. Interviews are held with them. They say they have a number of rights. Our friends are doing what they are in the negotiations, what is not doing the status detection, according to these findings will be provided compromise. Otherwise, the business continues with constant problems.


Yildirim said that the contractor firm had been working on special machinery and equipment since there would be a serious soil movement at the place where the new airport will be constructed. Toprak Grader is not the work to be done with dozer. Since there is a very large soil movement, special productions are required. They're working on this. So I'm not worried about that. It is a project made with Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model. The delay is to the detriment of more contractors as well as my damage. So I have no worries, O he said.

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