3. banks for airport

  1. Banks in the queue for the airport: 3. 7.2 20 of XNUMX billion euros required for the airport will be covered from equity sources.
    Five partners who won the 3rd airport tender to be held in Istanbul sözcüNihat Özdemir, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Limak Holding, in current status, evaluated the last point reached in the airport project. Özdemir said, “Our preliminary meetings with domestic and foreign financial institutions for financing continue. At this point, we have too many coming and going. "We will find a cheap cost of finance," he said.


Ve In the first stage we will build 3 with 70 passengers, 90 in the second stage and 120 in the third stage with a capacity of million passengers. 150. airport is not just an airport project, we are building a new city, havalim he said. Özdemir emphasized that they will approve the contract at the beginning of October and submit to the parties at the beginning of September.

According to the cost of the project, Özdemir said that they are looking for financing outside of the equity capital. We will receive 7.3 of this from equity sources. We have no problem finding funding for the remaining approximately 20 billion Euros. Because 6 has a billion-euro treasure guarantee. Our main target is to enter the new airport with the financing of the third airport y. Nihat Özdemir also gave information regarding the construction of the Cairo International Airport they are undertaking. Nih Our employees are experiencing difficulties due to the events there, but we are good with the administration. There is no problem in the project. We will open the Cairo airport after 6.3 years later. Kahire

Limkon Gıda, a fruit and vegetable concentrate and mash producer operating within the Limak Group, has collaborated with Swiss Wild Flavors GmbH, one of the world's leading suppliers of natural ingredients. As part of the cooperation, Limkon will be investing in a line of 5 million Euros in its factory in Adana. With this investment, natural fruit juice content will be supplied from a single source. Speaking at the meeting held on the subject Özdemir, the second-phase investment in total investment is expected to be worth 10 million Euros, he said.

Özdemir stated that the new line, which will be established by using the latest technology in the closed area of ​​Limkon factory, will be activated by the end of autumn. Ifade With the new line, Limkon's annual production capacity of 800 thousand tons will reach 80 thousand tons. Thus, the supply of high quality natural juice content required by the national and international markets will be provided from a single source. Böylece Turkey, indicating that the annual consumption of about 100 billion liters of fruit juice in the world market reached 1 billion liters of Ozdemir, Turkey's share in the world export fruit juice, he said 62 percent.

Source : I finans.mynet.co



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