3. 28 facility into the forest for bridge

  1. 28 facilities to the forest for the bridge: 3. It turned out that 28 facilities such as quarry and concrete batching plant will be built in the forest for the construction of bridges and connection roads. Environmentalists are in revolt "for the tree massacre".

3 is still under construction in Istanbul. A total of 28 units were built into the forest for the construction of the Bosphorus bridge. Radikal reached the plans of the ICA group that undertook the bridge construction. According to the plans, 7 pieces of quarry, 7 pieces crushing and screening plant, 10 concrete batching plant and 4 units will be made as asphalt plants (fixed or mobile plants which are ready for asphalting). The location of the new facilities has been shown on the maps one by one. The ICA authorities will make 3 facilities. the facilities on the bridge to be allocated to the General Directorate of Highways, until the end of the bridge to work facilities, he said. According to environmental organizations, the destruction will increase.
3. İçdaş Astaldi Group, which received the tender for the construction of a bridge, filed a license application for the establishment of 28 units for the production of stone, concrete and asphalt. Most of the facilities will be built in forest areas where the bridge route is located. ICA officials answered Radikal's questions regarding new facilities. Authorities confirming that new facilities will be established include:
“4 of the concrete plants will serve the Bosphorus bridges, 6 of them highway engineering structures (viaducts, tunnels, etc.). The quarries will be allocated to the General Directorate of Highways, not to the company in charge. The company in charge will only benefit from these quarries during the project construction and repair period within the scope of this project. The number of all quarries and other facilities and the location of the facilities have been determined to be suitable for completion within the prescribed time and schedule of the project. Especially the number of concrete plants foreseen for the bridge has been determined as redundant for the technically necessary continuity of the concrete to be used. Similarly, the location and number of asphalt plants were determined by considering seasonal restrictions and continuity conditions for the required quality of the work.
According to the authorizations, the stone quarry located in Ömerli has already been approved by the General Directorate of Highways. All other facilities will be re-built as part of the project. All of the facilities are 3. to serve the bridge. At the end of construction and repair work will be removed and settled in accordance with the interest of the General Directorate of Highways will be transferred to the designed or restored. ICA officials answered the question regarding whether there would be any tree slaughter for these facilities: ilgili The settlements of the facilities were selected within the scope of the expropriation limits for highway and bridge construction. Thus, the need for extra expropriation and the need to free up space has been eliminated. Bö

Environmentalists react

Zafer Murat Çetintaş, President of the Nature Warriors Environment Organization, expressed his reaction by saying that it is illogical to open new ones with existing quarries:
Ece If they are to be allocated to the Highways, why don't they apply for a license? They already have a lot of facilities. While there are so many existing quarries in Istanbul, it is meaningless to make these applications in the forest again. Applications for license have been made for two years. And that's pointless. With the investment they will make for the 2 year, the material they will buy is the same as the eco-friendly. So what's the point of investing in that? In our opinion, this is because the 3 will be built immediately after the bridge. a project designed for the airport. For the construction of areas such as North Istanbul, it is also designed to provide raw materials from here. Or there's no point in investing. Already there is enough destruction. There will be new destruction. The area to be lost is already too big. For the highway project only in the bridge project 4 to be destroyed more than a thousand hectares area. With the addition of quarries and other facilities, this destruction is added to the 2 thousand hectares. 7 will be over a thousand hectares. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization is trying to remove the existing quarries in Istanbul. We will not allow new ones. Meaningless. Stone quarries should not be allowed.
Uncontrolled cookers destroy the environment

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization took action on the environmental damage caused by uncontrolled quarries. The Ministry has been giving fines and closure penalties to the mines with the inspections it has made for a while. It was determined that 16 quarries in the area between Sultançiftliği District, Gazi District, Habibler and Malova Deresi in the Cebesi Region of Sultangazi district in Istanbul caused air pollution due to crushing - screening, loading, transportation and irregular storage activities. The activities of these hearths were temporarily suspended. Due to the pollution in Kocaeli Dilder, the quarry in the region was smuggled and the institution was fined 40 thousand 630 TL.

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