23 million dollar investment to Bandırma Port

23 million-dollar investment to the Port of Bandırma: The company which won the tender of the Bandırma Port in 2008 by 175 with a thousand 500 thousand dollars in the 23 has made XNUMX million-dollar investment in the last two years.

According to the tender, the General Manager of the port, which will be operated by 36 for one year, said Mr. Özgür Durmaç who worked as the General Manager of Büyük Anadolu Lojistik Organizasyonlari A.Ş. (BALO) by the Anatolian industry to connect the train to Europe in the framework of the train to the train by train to the port of Bandırma, ship to Tekirdag, and there will be a train to Europe again, he said.

The harbor, which has a single railway connection in the South Marmara region, has a great logistic importance in this respect. Bandırma Port, the market leader in the bulk cargo group, continues to increase its capacity as a result of its investments. Dök

As a result of the investments in the existing infrastructure and superstructure, the port has 220 thousand TEU / year container, 8 million tons / year bulk and general cargo, 500 thousand vehicles / year capacity. 2 thousand TEU / year container to the end of phase investments, 350 noted that it is planned to reach 11 thousand vehicles / year capacity with a million tons / year bulk and general cargo.

Stating that they have started to strengthen their container operations, Durmaçalış went on to say:

Iki The 23 million dollar construction investment has been made in the last two years. In the next three years, we have the 15 million dollar investment forecast for the liquid cargo terminal. We have 500 thousand vehicle / year capacity in RO-RO traffic. At the RO-RO terminal, 38 has a sea area of ​​1,000 square meters and we aim to ensure that the RO-RO traffic allows us to transport the 220 meters of cars, trucks and passengers to the port.

In order to minimize the problems caused by the port traffic and slow down in the operational speed, Durmaçalış stated that the main gate of the port would be double entry and exit and that these investments would find 30 million dollars.

Stating that they play an important role in the BALO project, as one of the most important pillar of the bridge created, Anatolia industry to do their part in opening the best way, he said.

Source : I ekonomi.haberxnumx.co

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