15 with high-speed train gospel

High-speed train news with 15: President Abdullah Gül and the Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communication Binali Yıldırım at the 11th Transport, Maritime and Communication Council at the Istanbul Congress Center.

Yıldırım explained his goals as “to provide a fast access system to our country based on equal, balanced sustainable development moves that offer a high quality uninterrupted service perspective that does not neglect global integration while addressing people, environment, history sensitive participants, local base”.


Our goal is to connect 15 provinces by high-speed train. We have completely renewed 70 percent of the railways. We have succeeded in developing our domestic railway industry. When all of the railway projects are finished, the savings of the country will be 1 billion lira in a year.

We put 16 350 km into service on divided roads. We are planning to put Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the new pearl of the Bosphorus into service in 2015. Big projects are realized by thinking big. We have started the works of Kanal Istanbul that will connect the Black Sea with Mamara. Obligation to keep this rate above 2023 percent by 1 is clear.

Istanbul Airport, which will reach a passenger capacity of 150 million years, will take its place among the largest airports in the world. We made THY one of the world's leading players by making a brand.

We started the construction of the North Aegean Çandarlı port. We will increase the capacity of marinas to 50 per thousand. The number of Internet users reached 50 million. We upgraded the 30 million 2023 to 45 million for XNUMX million.

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