11 Transportation Council started with the participation of President Abdullah Gül

  1. The Transportation Council started with the participation of President Abdullah Gül: President Abdullah Gül and the Transportation, Maritime and Communication Minister Binali Yıldırım are also present at the 11th Transportation, Maritime and Communication Council at the Istanbul Congress Center.

Yıldırım explained his goals as “to provide a fast access system to our country based on equal, balanced sustainable development moves that offer a high quality uninterrupted service perspective that does not neglect global integration while addressing people, environment, history sensitive participants, local base”.

The slogan of Şura was “transportation and fast access for all”. President of the Council of Organizing Committee Dr. Oral Erdogan provided information on the content of the council, which will last 3 days. Istanbul Governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu, who came to the rostrum, took the floor. Mutlu, who wishes to come out with solutions to Istanbul's transportation problems, said:


“The important fact in the information age is the feature of communication and communication being very determining in the information age. The fact of time and speed against time is an important fact. In this age, the transportation sector has a very determining feature. Istanbul is a city used by more than 3 million motor vehicles and more than 500 vehicles go to the city every day with its enrichment. On this occasion, I think there will be evaluations about our city. ”

A short film introducing Shura was shown to guests after Mutlu's comments.

Transportation Minister Binali Yildirim, describing the services they made during their rule, continued his speech:

“The development process brought by stability and trust has given us the opportunity to set new goals. Turkey has reached a longer access. Now is the time to provide fast communication, which eliminates regional differences in the same quality at the same speed. Turkey is one of the world's most strategic geopolitical position.


As the government, we turned to one goal. To reach the level of contemporary civilization Atatürk pointed out. In the past, beautiful projects have always been imagined, always remained a dream. We first dreamed and then we started to realize each other. We owe this to a stable political structure. We did what was thought to be impossible. We started traveling by high-speed train. We made the airway the way of the people. We have made significant progress on the way of the maritime nation, not in words. We are about to realize a 153-year dream with Marmaray.


Our goal is to connect 15 provinces by high-speed train. We have completely renewed 70 percent of the railways. We have succeeded in developing our domestic railway industry. When all of the railway projects are finished, the savings of the country will be 1 billion lira in a year.

We put 16 350 km into service on divided roads. We are planning to put Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the new pearl of the Bosphorus into service in 2015. Big projects are realized by thinking big. We have started the works of Kanal Istanbul that will connect the Black Sea with Mamara. Obligation to keep this rate above 2023 percent by 1 is clear.

Istanbul Airport, which will reach a passenger capacity of 150 million years, will take its place among the largest airports in the world. We made THY one of the world's leading players by making a brand.

We started the construction of the North Aegean Çandarlı port. We will increase the capacity of marinas to 50 per thousand. The number of Internet users reached 50 million. We upgraded the 30 million 2023 to 45 million for XNUMX million.


The need to invest in transport communication infrastructure for 2035 targets is obvious. We have become able to allocate resources to infrastructure at the rate of 1 percent of the national income. Obligation to keep this rate above 2023 percent by 1 is clear.


While addressing the local base adopting the principles of environmentally sensitive participation, it is to introduce and continue the fast access system based on equally balanced sustainable development moves that offer high quality uninterrupted service perspective that does not neglect global integration. ”

Lastly, President Abdullah Gül drew attention to the dazzling developments in information technologies that changed the chemistry of societies. Underlining that it is not possible to beat the technology, Gul said:


“I have to admit that I am no different from you. I try to take advantage of the opportunities of social media. Our goal is to review the 2023 goals by benefiting from the participant wealth of Şura. The borders have become transparent and the obstacles have been lifted. Innovations in information technologies have changed the chemistry of societies. Since it is not possible to beat technology, we will encounter many innovations in the future. Those who need to understand this situation best are those who govern the countries.

The communication and transportation sector should emphasize flexibility and efficiency. In order for the geographical area on the world to be named as a region, transportation and communication networks are essential. The basic need is to connect networks and those countries. Is it possible to talk about Eurasia without the silk road? Projects such as the EU have changed the fate of the continents and have been the engine of peace and prosperity.

We are about to build the middle corridor called the modern silk road over Marmaray. The train departing from London is aimed to reach Beijing uninterruptedly via Baku-Tbilisi.

The question to be asked is what will be done in the coming period? Preparing our country in accordance with the conditions of the age is our most basic motto. I would like to underline that we are open to cooperation with cross-border projects.


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