Yıldırım: The giant projects will be marked by

Yıldırım: Giant projects will leave their mark here: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım stated that the giant projects that the world envied will mark the 11th Transport, Maritime and Communication Council to be held in Istanbul.

Yıldırım reminded that the 11th Transport, Maritime and Communication Council will be held in Istanbul on September 5-7 with the slogan "Transportation and Fast Access for All".

The opening ceremony will be held by President Abdullah Gul, as well as foreign guests at the level of the president and the Minister, as well as many industry representatives, academics, and experts are expected to participate in the reporting, the road, railway, maritime, aviation and space technologies, communications, pipelines and city seven sectors of internal transportation will be examined and reports on these sectors will be presented to the opinion of the participants.

Minister Yıldırım stated that the council will enable the review of the targets in areas such as maritime, transportation, aviation and communication and said, “Our goals and projects will be evaluated. We will reveal what more we need to do in line with what we do and our goals. The Council will reveal the vision of our Ministry on the road to 2023 and 2035. In a sense, we will begin to formulate our vision for target 2035 ”.

Turkey's development, global dreams, underlining that they have the power to work with reality Lightning, airlines, marine, the biggest investment in the history of railways and roads in the Republic stated that they perform.

The project was designed and implemented as the only Stating that national or regional nature of the transport investment, which will also increase the competitiveness of Turkey said that the international strategic values.

Grappling with the effects of the world economic crisis and Turkey's largest projects implemented one after another that emphasizes Lightning, 11th Council Meeting on Maritime Transport and Communications also said the world's envy that marked these giant projects that follow.

  • "Çanakkale will meet the Bosphorus Bridge"

Yıldırım stated that the Bosphorus bridge project to be built in Çanakkale is also included in the 2023 targets and that this project will also be discussed here. Explaining that the project works for the Çanakkale Bosphorus Bridge have been carried out, Yıldırım said, "The project is not finished yet, but the project route has been determined."

- Other giant projects that will be discussed here:

  • Istanbul has two sides

When the construction of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which is the most important project for the removal of national and international transit traffic from Istanbul, is completed, 59 meter width and rail system will be the widest bridge in the world. The bridge will be the world's tallest tower suspended bridge with a 408 meter main span and a rail system over the 320 meter.

  • Aegean and Marmara connect to each other

The Istanbul-Izmir Highway Project, including the Izmit Bay Crossing, which is one of the largest projects in the world with an investment of 20 billion lira, will not only connect Istanbul to Izmir without interruption, but also integrate the Aegean and Southern Marmara.

  • 150 annual dream come true

The Marmaray Project, which will connect the new "Iron Silk Road" from Beijing to London, under the sea, will be the deepest immersed tube tunnel in the world. The Bosphorus crossing with Marmaray, one of the biggest projects in the world, will be reduced to 2 minutes and Halkalı - The distance between Gebze will be reduced to 105 minutes.

  • To Istanbul, the world's largest airport

With the new airport project that is among the biggest projects, Istanbul will become a distribution center in aviation. The airport, which will be constructed with six independent tracks with a capacity of one million passengers, will be one of the largest airports in the world.

  • Brother comes to Marmaray

With the Eurasia Highway Tube Crossing Project, Kazlıçeşme-Göztepe will be reduced to 15 minutes. The tunnel, where over 2 billion lira will be invested, will be built 106 meters below the Bosphorus and will be the 6th longest tunnel in the world.

  • Ankara and Istanbul become "next door neighbors"

8 200 billion finds the amount of investment capital with a million pounds and eagerly awaited project, one of the Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Project between Ankara and Turkey to overcome the economic center of Istanbul 3 hours.

  • Ankara and Izmir to reach high speed

The first steps of the Ankara-Izmir high speed train line were taken. When the line to be invested on 3,5 billion liras is completed, the travel time between Ankara and Izmir will be reduced to 3 hours.

  • The western part of Turkey is attributed to the eastern

With the completion of the Ankara-Sivas YHT project, which will connect the Demir Silk Road Project to Istanbul at high speed, the east-west axis will be created on the High Speed ​​Railway line and the travel time will be reduced to 2 hours. Yozgat will also be connected to the railway network.

  • Inaccessible media does not remain

GSM Network Establishment of Infrastructure population where there is no GSM network in 1,5 years the project will be taken up under the 500 thousand 799 media coverage of Turkey, will become the first and only country under the coverage of all media in Europe.

  • Iron Silk Road

The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Line Project, which is followed with interest by all countries on the Silk Road route from China to Western Europe, was launched in 2007. With the commissioning of the line, 1,2 million passengers and 3,5 million tons of freight will be transported in the first year. In 2034, the line is planned to reach 7,8 million passengers and 21,5 million tons of freight.

  • FATİH Project jumps through education

FATİH Project, which opened the period of electronic education by terminating the chalkboard period in education, was launched. In 40 bin school, the whole of 570 bin classrooms will be turned into a computerized education class with the project.

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