Additional flights at YHT

yhtd Additional flights were also packed: the Republic of Turkey State Railways Directorate (TCDD) running speed train between Ankara and Eskisehir (YHT) and tickets are selling out, it learned to move 40 thousand passengers during the holidays.

Therefore, citizens who want to spend their holidays outside the city flocked to the OHR. On the grounds of being safe and fast, TCDD found the remedy of additional time on the exhaustion of YHT tickets for the days ahead. Tickets for additional flights during the festival were also sold out in a short time. On the 3 day, YHT 40 will carry thousands of passengers. 24 expeditions were organized in Ankara-Eskişehir, Eskişehir-Ankara, Konya-Eskişehir, Eskişehir-Konya, and 409 people were transported with each train.

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