Does Yalova miss a train

Yalova Is Missing The Train: Some of my favorite friends "Facebook now remove the high speed train stale has been stale," he advises. They are right. It's stolen, but it needs to keep it on the agenda. I did not think to remove them not to remove them, but in stale, pumpkin taste, maybe even a brave heart, and why not take a step. When someone else has taken the other step, you could see that the speedy train came in front of your door! It was humorous, but it reflects our situation.

A report was published in the last few weeks. I've read the line. I'm excited to believe. My feelings to my cells reflected my thoughts. Yalova Airport, Yalova Port, Yalova High-speed train between the three big cities in the advantage of the squeezed into the advantage of a serious scientific study on the southern Marmara project. If I can get more detailed, I will share with my dear readers. Which person or institution has prepared this report believe that Yalova will overcome the class of giants to the league. The answer to the Kim question is not important to me. What is important is that there are serious projects for Yalova and the feasibility of these projects are feasible. I received a lot of this report even from the direction of the fast train. I hope to go into detail about this project in my previous articles. Anyway, it's important to eat grapes, not beat the lime. When this is the case, without looking at the rumors, serious projects for Yalova should be on the agenda.

Let's come to our train.Hem fast, as well as the speed and comfort of the air connected to the national network. Ankara, Izmir, Erzurum, saying citizens should not be a luxury to be able to go from one end to the other in Turkey. I didn't understand why the fastest train removed from the bridge crossing the gulf. The first project was also why was it canceled later? Otherwise, it was going under our noses. Does Yalova miss the train in this transportation network to Orhangaziye? I hope he won't miss it. When I was a student, we had to go by train. Haydarpaşa Gebze commuter train transported us in a short time. Anyway, now is the time to talk about the fast train. In the city, especially all the gulf will turn into the network of train and some of them would not miss the sleep. And why should the light rail system be cheap, profitable, safe and minimally harmful to the environment? You write more than a few more articles, and then it's all in the middle.

See what I wrote five years ago: ım Transportation can be solved by long-term macro plans. If you see the city's 50 year-old already and then plan it according to it, it won't go back to the board. When we look at the big cities they always met with the metro. Cities met with nostalgic tram and then light rail system and ultimately metro, tube gate investments. For example, between Yalova and Ciftlikkoy with the light rail system to the heart of the city can you enjoy coming up? Nostalgia maybe in the big ones to come alive, but do you say tram, light rail system, somehow integration with the railway network should be targeted. I'm not saying that it's a high-speed train, but at least with the light rail system in the geographic conditions are suitable in our city why no one does not express it clearly I wonder. they will say that even the transporters were good. taşıma

3700 once read my article: len This city is growing, of course I congratulate Yalova municipality in terms of opening the modern terminal to the public service, but for the elderly and low income citizens, the current situation is a problem and the necessity to resolve it in a short time is a priority. Managing the city means identifying with the art of analysis before problems arise Şehir.

It is not very difficult or unattainable ”Yalova Train Çok. It really depends on whether we want to or not. It depends on how we feel. I think that the other cities without taking the train run away from this blessing, Yalova also need to rise to this league.

We are going to spend a feast of painful days, coups, tears of blood, which we feel sad for humanity in the world. I pray that there will be no painful person on earth. Peace and brotherhood in humanity.

I would like to celebrate your Ramadan holiday with the most heartfelt feelings and wish you a happy and healthy holiday with your loved ones. May your blessed be blessed.

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