Helicopter Pleasure in Uzungol

Helicopter Enjoyment in Uzungöl: Uzungöl, which is moving away from its naturalness every day, is degenerated under the name of helicopter activity. As a result of the attempts of some tourism companies in the region, the nature lovers worry about the wildlife living in the forests of Uzungöl with the helicopter serving tourists in summer and winter months. In the past few years, when the surrounding area of ​​the lake was built with a wall, the turist Long Pool ın reacted to the reaction.
For a 10 to 15-minute sky tour by helicopter, the natural wonder of Uzungöl pine forests is ignored, ignoring the wildlife and scaring the animals living there away from their natural habitats by scaring them with loud noises. Those who get on the helicopter have the opportunity to watch Uzungöl and its surroundings from the air for about 100 minutes for 8 TL per person. Uzungöl, which we describe as a "natural wonder" every time, is gradually separated from nature in this way. It is appreciated by some of the tourism professionals who want to stay away from technology and city noise and stay alone with nature. kazanWe are blatantly losing our own values ​​for the sake of making money.
With this latest development added to the tourism concept, which has been rapidly growing due to irregular construction and insensitivity to the environment, endangering the sustainability of naturalness in the region cannot go beyond the shadow of the success of tourism. In terms of wildlife in the forests around Uzungöl are cattle, deer, bear, wolf, wild boar, marten, badger, lynx, jackal, fox, rabbit, squirrel, wild ducks. Lake and stream trout is found in the lake.
Although there is no new feeling about the disturbances of the local people and tourists in the local and national press due to the fact that it is a new practice, the helicopter trips, which have been praised for being a very good job, are ignored for the long-term effects of the region and the damage to the natural structure of the region is ignored.
We hope that we can keep our natural values ​​(Uzungöl and similar tourism centers) for many years that we have in a way that will not harm our natural wealth with the social awareness that the laws of tourism will be applied not only on paper but also in daily life.

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